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When I first brought Sammie home at 3 months, I would carry her around like a baby (I still do that when I pick her up and she seems to love it). As she approached a year, she stopped being responsive to me and seemed extremely independent...ignoring me, not responding when I talked to her, etc.

After her one year birthday, she changed again. Loved me, followed me around, got really vocal, and if I was out of sight, she would look for me, crying and meowing for me.

The latest change, over the past week...she still enjoys her lanai time (she is an indoor kitty), but while in the past it totally captured her time and attention, now it is not so much. Instead, she is frequently in whatever room I occupy, just lounging on the floor, watching me.

I guess this is part of the maturing...she's settling into our home. And as she does this, I'm feeling the bond and loving on my girl so much more.

Oh and BTW, all I have to do is simply say, "Wanna play with da bird?" and she runs meowing to the closet where da bird lives.

She's a wonder and I love her. Thanks, cat peeps!