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Kittens died in surgery

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Hi I haven't been here in a while, since Sept. when we took in a pregnant Mother cat and her three kittens. She had 6 more kittens, add the father, and our three cats and you have 14! We fell in love with all of them so needless to say we couldn't give any away. They were born Aug. 27, so this month (March) we took them to be spayed and neutered. The vet's office called to say they were all fine and ready to go home. On the way to pick them up the vet called and told my son that 2 of them had died after surgery. They were two of the largest, healthiest, kittens of all. They were almost identical twins, except for a little line of white hairs on the bottom lip of one. The dr. said this happens sometimes that cats are more prone to have lung problems after surgery, and that he checked them and they were all breathing fine. One occasionally, maybe, but two healthy boys? Has this happened to anyone? We were absolutely devestated. All the others are fine, and the older three were done a few months ago, and are fine, as is the mother and father. It has left a big void in our lives.
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Am sorry for your loss. Sometimes you never know - must have been something else in their systems there were weak and it couldn't handle the stress.
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I have not had that happen to any of my cats.
It must be devastating for your family.

I hope that other members have some feedback about this for you.
Rest in peace sweet babies.
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Two at that age and on the same day does sound a bit odd (if this was a big animal hospital or shelter doing a large amount of spays and neuters in one day, two wouldn't be that surprising). Did you opt for the pre-anesthesia blood tests? Did the vet offer a reason why it happened other then "lung problems"?
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oh boy!!! sorry for your loss. RIP little ones!!!
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If they were identical... Maybe they were actually identical genetically, too--twins instead of just siblings--and had the same defect.
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Awww I am so sorry!! {{{hugs}}}
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Aww... this is so sad... sending lots of hugs and prayers your way.
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They might have had internal defects that made them more sensitive to anaestethics... defects that no veterinarian could even tell were there before it's to late. Sadly it happens and it happens to cats in all ages. It would be more likely for two siblings to have the same kind of defect that that two unrelated cats would have.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry for your loss.
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So sorry about your Cats.
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