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Royal Cannin-slim??

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Question? Has anyone tried the Royal Cannin Slim 38 on any of your cats and is it a good product, did you have any results. I would like to try this on mine (she is over-weight), and wanted just to know if anyone has every used it.
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Although Royal Canin makes good products, I would advise before you start changing your cat's diet, you first visit your vet and have him evaluate her and suggest to you the right program to put her on. Taking weight off of animals does not happen overnight, and it is always good to have guidance and direction from professionals before you attempt this. Putting her on the wrong food, could cause some serious health issues if she drops weight to fast, and I have known some cat owners who have actually put their cats on a diet without seeking help, and their cats have died as a result of their good intentions. So again, I would strongly urge you to take her to the vet and get a professional's advice before doing anything.
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I had gone to the vet. I have been feeding her Science Diet RD for 10 months, and she lost very little. The vet said she has to lose some. She is 15lb. and needs to come down. I asked my mothers vet, and he said to put her on canned food for three months and she would lose. I am at a loss, I really want to feed her good food.
Thanks, Ruth
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Ruth, I was just trying to cover all bases, since I did not know the whole story. I would then call your vet and tell him what you are doing and have him advise the best possible way to do this. You can also start increasing your cat's activity by using the cat condo if you have one, and feeding her on the top level. This way, she has to work to get her food. You can also start hiding catnip treats around the house it high places where she has to work to get to them safely. The vet advised you to use canned food (or this is my best gussestimate anyway) because when well-intentioned cat owners feed dry- they always tend to overfeed. My vet has a favorite saying that I picked up long ago. You want to feed the cat, not the bowl. Feeding canned food, people tend to not put so much of it out. Also some cats tend to gain more weight,because they gulp their food (a genetic trait handed down from ancestors trying to survive) You can elevate the food bowl to slow this type of action down. Good luck, and yes, I would use RC products, they really do give good and lasting results.
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Hissy, Thanks for you input. I have been searching the calories that is listed in food. I feed her 1/4 cup twice a day the RD, but she always acts like she is still hungry. She is 4 yrs and does need exercise, I try to play with her and she lays on her back, she is lazy. I have a hang-up about food, I feel that they should have wet and dry. Here is some of the information I have.

Science Diet RD: Royal Canan Slim38:
Adjusted protein-36% Protein: 42.2%
Fats-7.9% fats-8.9%
Carbs-56.2% Carbs-48.9

Natural Choice Canned
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