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Wanting a Turkish Van

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Hi, I am not a breeder, but a interested in getting a Turkish Van kitten. I have always loved having cats (and dogs) and have been researching Turkish Vans and really like their temperment and lifestyle. I live in Northern California, USA and would like to find a breeder as close to me as possible, but as of yet can't find any that aren't on the east coast. Does anyone have any tips or connections to finding Van breeders closer to me?

PS: I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this.
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There should be some at the Cat Show in Stockton this Sat. I am not sure what part of NorCal you are in. I am going to the Cat Show this Sat to talk to a Breeder of Sphynx Cats. How far are you from Stockton? They should have Turkish Van Breeders there.
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Thanks for the info, mews2much. I am actually less than 15 min from Stockton. I will try to find info on that. Do you know where the show is going to be held? Thanks again!
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Stockton is less the 30 Minutes from me.
STOCKTON: San Joaquin Fairgrounds 1658 South Airport Way
It is the first time they are having one in Stockton.
I think the Show is 10-5
It is 5 per person to get in.
I am not sure how much parking is.
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Hi =]
I can't help you as far as breeders go, but I recently adopted a mature cat that is most definitely part/all Turkish Van... Everyone who knows anything about cats who's seen her thinks so anyway! She behaves very typically for the breed.
I just thought I'd say... you won't regret it, if my Lily is anything to go by!

Good luck finding a breeder
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Sent you a PM on west coast van breeders
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Thanks for the info everyone! Does anyone have any ideas about having a Van in an apartment. I have an okay sized 2 bedroom apartment, an would like to keep my cat inside. I live in a nice area, but I am afraid if the kitty wanders around the complex that kids might mess with it or someone would take it (how could they resist, right?).
But I don't want the cat to get bored or become unhealthy due to lack of exercise, so if it's just not a good idea to have a Van as an apartment cat, I'd rather do what's best for it and not get one. I know there are plenty of toys and furniture and that a lot of Vans enjoy playing fetch, but I also work 40 hours a week and I am the only one who lives here. Would it be wise to think about getting 2 cats, so that they can keep entertained and active when until I get home? I am fully prepared to love and invest in these guys (or girls), but would like them to also be okay when I am working. Thanks for any info or suggestions!
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Well IMO, as long as you can afford the upkeep, 2 cats are always better than 1 - they keep each other entertained, and they entertain you while they are doing so I will never have a single cat again, having seen the way mine interact. OK I have 3 (in a large 2 bedroom flat) and 2 of them don't get along so well and avoid each other, but they always interact in pairs and it keeps them busy, happy, and healthily exercised.

And yes a Van will be OK as an indoor cat. I have 3 high energy cats (2 Oriental Shorthairs and a Cornish Rex x Moggy crossbreed) who all live indoors. It is a bit more work but cat furniture such as a nice ceiling height cat tree or two, scratching posts, and the humble cardboard box or three that can be moved around to provide new 'caves' to explore can do wonders in terms of giving them new excitement and exercise and keeping them happy. Vans are playful cats so dedicate a bit of time every day to play with them if kept indoors, they will blossom under your care I'm sure. But indoor only is fine, as long as you provide an interesting environment and play sessions
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I have 4 Cats in my Apartment and they are fine. They have never been outside even once.
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As long as you have plenty of toys, a good tall treehouse by a window, your cats will be fine indoors. Except for my first cat, all my cats have been indoor cats. I also bred and showed cornish rexes and they never went outside.

Most breeders in the US insist the cats are inside only cats
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My Lily is an inside only cat, and I live in a 1 bedroom flat. I have lots of toys for her and a cat tree, and she never gets bored. She actually spends most of her time eating and sleeping... She gets playful when I get home to play with her =]
I felt bad restricting her at first but she's never been outside in her life, and wouldn't be able to cope for a second. I actually bought her a tag the other day with my phone number and "I'm an indoor cat, please call my mummy!" engraved on the back... hahaha

So, I think that your cat will be just fine.
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Thanks so much for the info! I feel better about having an apartment cat. I just want to make sure it's healthy and has a good life, ya know.
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Persevere Fan. Never give up. You will never regret becoming a member of the TV Club.

As you can see from our siggy, we are fans too -- Van Fans. Jim and I have Molly and Samwise, or vice versa, they have us, both Grand Champion Turkish Vans, step-siblings, now retired from the show circuit, as are Jim and me, and loving retirement as their people do. They are absolutely the supreme breed. A laugh a minute, even when they are asleep, and unbelievably beautiful at all times. Jim and I could not conceive of living the good life without at least two Vans in the house.

We would not consider letting our Vans go outside. Outside kills cats. Your apartment is most adequate in size. After all, most cats sleep most of the time anyway, and you have plenty of room for them to exercise. They will likely astound you as you see the ways they have of exercising.

Let us know if you want any info at all about TVs. I think Jim and I qualify as experts now. Jim and I have not fully mastered putting photos here on this forum, it is just too much work for us ol' folks to figure it out, but if you want to share your email address we can send you a photo of Samwise and Molly.

All the best,

Ann and Jim, the Van Fans, looked after by Samwise and Molly, on a Texas beach.
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PS, Fan. If you are into Yahoo groups, think about joining the group "turkishvans" (one word). A marvelous group of people, and frequent beautiful photos of our kids.

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