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My mice!

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these girls are my babies and expecting soon
ill post here how each female is doing and pics of babies when they come!
first up is minni!

shes a self brown!

then heres roxy!
my self black little girl

and gerbil
shes a satin fawn!

the male is a satin dove.... which is a paler colour of gerbil
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They are so cute! I used to have 2 mice, I really miss having them.
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Cute! I've had hamsters and gerbils, but never mice!
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i had 2 russian dwarf hamsters before these guys, but unfortunately they passed , i tracked down a breeder by me and took on 3 girls and a boy
now i breed them, no other seller by me and pet shops dont sell em no more :/
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They are adorable!!
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Your mice are beautiful.
They look really healthy.
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hehe they are spoilt rotten, but gerbil is the only one who id trust enough too get out!
the cats arent bothered by them at all wich i was shocked by!
we did have trouble with teaser she liked too pull there tails through the bars, but after some training she just watches them....
she loves minni, they kiss through the bars of the cage

thankyou all for your kind comments
i cant wait for babies from these guys!
roxy is soooo fat i suspect tonight or tommorow she will pop!
cant wait although most babies will be black.. but all ill be fun!
i love all things black..
although id love some that have there daddys colour and black.... should have a fun outcome none the less...
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They are so cute I love them thats what I wanted to put in my 55gallon aquarium but DH wouldnt let me he wanted fish
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hehe we have roughly 11 tanks setup and running with fish in
and then 4-5 cage/tanks for mice.....
its nuts
i breed betta fish so does my partner, well were supposed too but all our fish have mental issues and desperate need of counselling they dont want too breed...
OOOOH ill have to get pics up of the bettas!
llok what you done now! :p
xxx chrissy
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Awww...your mice are beautiful!!! Very nice.
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Awww...what cute lil' gals!! Did you have baby mice yet?
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)p'[[' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm''=#

omg i had too leave that there!
that was little Misty on my keyboard!

no babies yet i was doubting pregnancies today but roxy has a tummy on her and nipples arent qpointy yet but becoming prominant i think shes the only one caught
but not a clue when theyre due now
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aww, sooo cute!
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aww cute mice
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You have cute mice!! They have such pretty coloring
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