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Feliway Question

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I just learned about this nifty product from this board -- I've order a diffuser from Amazon, which I'm waiting for. However, I've been waiting on my pregnant rescue kitty to give birth -- she's a couple days overdue now -- and it occurred to me that maybe she doesn't feel like here is home yet since she only got caught and brought in about 3 weeks ago. Since Feliway is supposed to be good for easing transitions like that, I figured I'd run down to the pet store, buy the cheaper spray bottle of it to tide us over till the diffuser arrives, and also to give her birthing box some extra attention in the hopes of encouraging her towards labor... soon.

Anyway, long introduction aside. I sprayed the box a bit, as well as some other areas around her height that I would think she would want to be marking, but haven't seen her do yet. (All she really seems to want to mark is me.)

She used to at least be ok with the box, if I put her in it, she'd tolerate it for a bit, kind of humoring me, but now, she actually backs out of it pretty much as soon as I put her in. I'm wondering if the alcohol that they put the pheromones in is upsetting her nose? I know when I sprayed it, I had to lean into the box (it has a little roof) to do so, and I accidentally inhaled a whiff of it and it felt AWFUL -- that stuff tastes/smells like $2 a handle vodka!

I guess my question is: Will that dissipate over time? Is there anything I can do to get it gone faster? Did I do something wrong, is that not supposed to happen? etc etc

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... I'm really starting to worry a bit about the poor little lady... she's looking so uncomfortably big!
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Can you take the top off the box and let it air out a bit more? Maybe you sprayed more than she prefers - stick your head in there and check if the smell has dissipated any.

Of course it's possible that she's just being fussy now because you messed with her box. I'm sure she had that marked to her satisfaction. Does she seemed bothered by the other areas you sprayed?
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I have a feliway diffuser and it doesn't smell at all. I wonder why the spray does??

Also from what I have heard a pregnant cat will choose wherever she feels comfortable to birth her kittens...sometimes in some not so convienant places for us human guardians

But on a side note, Feliway does work. I have 3 cats and two get into scuffles if I don't have one plugged in. I ran out a while ago and just replaced it, haven't had a probelm in days.

I also think it helped with kitty introductions when i've brought home new cats....that and catnip!
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