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Question about fleas

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So I never had a flea problem to my knowledge, and only recently got kittens, so these questions may be 'common' sense.. but obviously not for me!

Anyways.. I was wondering can you actually see fleas with the naked eye?

I'm wondering because Snow, my all white longhaired kitten seems to be scratching more than normal, although it maybe possible i didn't notice it so much before. She's the only cat in my house now, and she stays indoors (although sometimes I put her on her harness and take her in my car or out to the 2nd floor porch - i don't how much flea interaction might be going on there). She's always before been on flea meds, but I'm holding off on it for right now.

But especially since she's all white, would i be able to see fleas in they are on her? And what are common places fleas would be so i can inspect her for them. And lastly, I groom her regularly, but what do you guys think about a flea comb.. does it work?

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Yes, you can see fleas on your cat. I have had long haired Himalayan cats with fleas and there was no mistaking them. Just pull their fur back in the opposite direction of the way it lays and you should be able to see them crawling around next to their skin and there will be flea residue (little black stuff) there also. I don't know what this black stuff is but every time my cats had fleas, this black stuff was on them too. Also, fleas show up very well on cats stomach. Just do a thorough inspection and if your cat has them, you will see some sign of them somewhere.
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yes if you have a good eye and because your cat is white if you look under her tail and between her back legs and of course you are going to have to look through the fur beciase they will be close to the skin you should be able to see them if they are there also if you rub your cat a feel like he is dirty or has small little black specks that you can feel it could be flea dirt to find out put the small piece in a cup and add some water to the cup if it turn red like blood that is flea dirt.
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You can see them, yes. Check in places that they have trouble getting to - the cat I used to have that had fleas once, I would find them on his back and around his ears more. They should be easy to spot, though. Even though Pepper is an inside cat, we give her Advantage Multi every month because we could bring them in on our shoes, or they come through walls... It's a good idea for any cat.
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The black specks is flea excrement. It looks like ground pepper. Sometimes you can tell it is curled. You will find the fleas on the belly, tail and chest. Sometimes they start REALLY small though so you have to look closely!
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A flea comb does work - and works well! On a white cat you can see the fleas - they are like black specks that move thru the coat. They may not be on the surface, but closer to the skin.

They like around the head/neck and tail, sometimes belly - but can be found in any place on the cat. It would be wise to get a flea comb and go over her from top to bottom. If you don't catch any fleas, but do get the "dirt" you will know it.

And if you take that dirt and put a drop of water on it, it will turn reddish - its the dried blood that the flea sucked up.

If the kitten has fleas, get some Advantage or Frontline from your vet to use. Don't waste money on flea colllars - they are the worse things to use for several reasons.
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So if the flea feces is the size ground black pepper, what size are the actual fleas?? are they the size of say fire ants??
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No - they really are not much bigger then the extractment. They jump so if you get any on the comb either have a dish of dishsoap to dunk the comb or comb over the toilet and then flush.

I had fleas on kittens one time (too young for any flea powder, etc.) and I had to keep combing them over and over - was not a fun thing!
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An adult cat flea is roughly 2 to 2 1/2 mms long. Very easy to see even on a black or tabby cat - fleas are brownish and slightly shiny.

Lightly run your fingers around your cat's neck and under the front legs, like giving your kitty a massage but against the way the fur lays. You should be able to feel fleas, if you catch one with your fingers pinch and roll it between your fingers or pop it between your finger nails, that will kill it.
Other areas to look are on the belly, groin area, and on the brow between the eyes.

I actually have a bad habit, when at someone else's home (and outside) if their cat or kitten is very friendly and I notice it has fleas, I'll remove as many as I can. It doesn't help much in the end, but it gives them a little relief for a while... and usually makes cats fall in love with me because they think they're getting a kitty massage.
And yes, I do suggest they try to properly treat their cat's fleas... but some of these people don't even believe in spending money on spaying or neutering.
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sometimes you can be petting your kitty and feel one with your fingers. i agree about the flea comb! its the best $.97 youll ever spend
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What about inside cats? Can they get fleas, too?
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Yes they can get Fleas. I found a few on mine with the Flea Comb and my Cats have never been outside. I use Frontline or Advantage.
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Originally Posted by Maddox's Mom View Post
What about inside cats? Can they get fleas, too?
Unless you or anyone else living with the cats never leave the home and no one comes in, yes the cats can get fleas. Fleas can easily hitch a ride on a pant leg.
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My cat has gotten fleas twice in last 4 years. She is inside only.
I visit my aunt weekly whom has multiple pets, so I might be
bringing home on my pants/shoes. She does flea treat.
I also hear fleas jump through screens in windows, doors.
They can come in on your clothing from when you are out in the yard.
I find it best to be watching for them, ie kitty scratching exessively
and put the flea med on asap. Also one of my tricks is, where
my kitty's bed is I put down a "white" color towel, that way any flea
poop (black specs.)that lands on it , I will be able to see!
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I guess I'm really lucky. Dusty is an indoor/outdoor cat. We've had her nearly 4 years and she has never had a flea. Vet said there are just some animals that fleas don't like.
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