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Good News!

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Jess just got out of her second interview at the brain trauma center, and they offered her the job Full time, benefits, training for as long as she wants, tuition reimbursement, shift differential, weekend pay... the works

She's nervous, but excited. She was really hoping to get a job where she works now, as it's county, but they never called her for an interview, so she's gladly accepting this. The county will hold an application for a year, anyway, so there's still a chance.

This place loved her! They told her that they never hire anyone fresh out of school; she's the first! They were very impressed with her (of course I knew they would be.)

I'm so proud of her! And glad... soon we'll be in a much better financial position than we are now. She starts her training April 14th. Yay!!!

Just had to brag a bit
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Thats wonderful how Jess got the job!! Congratulations to her!!
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YAY!! Go Jess!!!
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Who is Jess and what is she qualified to do? The OP didnt say.

I work for a trauma center. I hope she is a strong person.
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Congrats to Jess!!
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That's wonderful! Congratulations to Jess!
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CONGRATULATIONS Jess. I'm happy for both of you!!!!!!!
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Congratulations! Well done Jess!
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That is fantastic.....Congrats, Congrats, Congrats
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Congratulations to her for a job well deserved.
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Thats awesome, congratulations to her!
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