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Vibes Needed

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Mom got a call that her BEST friend had an aneurysm burst at Easter dinner. They did a precedure to remove some pressure but she isn't responding as well as they hoped. It's been 6 hours and we haven't heard from the family yet.

Please Please send your vibes/prayers. Mom and her other friend Chic are a mess. They both had back surgery and can't drive to the hospital. Their friend Betty who is in the one in hospital is the one who does all for everyone. Her daughter is autistic and not handling this too well. If Betty doesn't make it her friends and family really need your vibes.
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oh no, how scary! lots of vibes for Betty
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and for your mom & her friends!!
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Unlimited For your moms friend! Hope shes going to be okay
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for Betty!..
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Many prayers and for your Mom's best friend.
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Oh no!!! I am going to pray for them!!!

to them all!!!
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they will be in my prayers..
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Oh no How sad and scary
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Thanks everyone. The last update was about an hour ago and the neurologist was with her husband. Her heart rate was well over 130 last night and is back to normal.

Please keep the vibes coming esp for her autistic daughter.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your moms' friend. It is a shame that your mom and her other friend can't get to see their friend because of their surgeries. I hope all goes well for all three home and for Bettys' daughter, I feel so sad for her.
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Sending tons of vibes for your mom's friend!
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Oh Michele, how sad. I am praying and sending vibes that she will pull through with no lasting effects
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Lots of vibes for the entire family!

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Thanks everyone.
Still no change. They are saying it's a widening of a vein not a narrowing like most people have. It's confirmed that she also had a heart attack. Thankfully two members of her family are EMT's and were there when this all started. They don't know what happened first the heart attack of the aneursym.

Mom is going up with another friend tonight to visit. It's in 2 hour shifts and you can only be in the room for 30mins at a time.

Please keep those vibes coming.

I also need them for mom's other friend Mary who lost her mother at the samething Betty got ill. It was an hour apart.
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All the best wishes for you, your mum, best friend and her family
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Mom went to the hospital tonight. There is little brain activity and they will meet with the family tomorrow. I have a feeling she is brain dead. The heart doctor feels the heart attack came first. Betty was walking back into the house with the family when she felt dizzy and light headed. Someone was holding her arm cause she was wearing a boot on her foot. She noticed Betty was swaying and stepped back in case she fell. Betty went forward instead.

It doesn't look good. Mom is a mess. The kids are a mess. The husband knows Betty wouldn't want to be hooked up to wires but it's his best friend......

Please keep those vibes coming for my mom, her friends and the family. These girls went to HS together and have been best friends their whole life. Every summer they went to the NJ shore just like when they were in their 20's.

It's just so sudden.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
It's just so sudden.
& that always makes it harder to let go... for you, your mom & all of Betty's nearest & dearest...
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get well soon Betty
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The doctor talked to the family tonight. They didn't want them having false hope tonight. They feel there is nothing more they can do.

Tomorrow the family will be pulling the plug once everyone has a chance to say goodbye. Mom is going back up tomorrow. She is a mess right now
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Oh no... so much misery for so many people right now... I'm so sorry for this poor woman.
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Betty's at rest now. They pulled the plug a few hours ago. Mom just got home. They all spent the day sharing stories and tears. Her oldest daughter is doing much better. Her father let her have one more day with mom.

They say she was dead before she fell to the ground. The aneurysm did burst and that bought on the heart attack. She didn't suffer and went fast surrounded by family.

She got to see her best friend stand straight for the first time in her life. She held her other friends hand the day before the mother past. She got to see my mom get through her surgery too. She had the most wonderful week.

Hopefully her husband will kick the drinking habit. He knows he has much responsibility with their autistic daughter and doesn't want to let his best friend down.

Thanks for all the prayers and vibes.
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Oh Michele, tell your Mom I am so sorry
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Michele...I am so very sorry. I'm glad that the family was able to be there and that she wasn't alone.
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How scary!!!

Several in her direction....

EDIT: I just saw your latest post and am redirecting the vibes to her family and your mom and her friend.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Oh Michele, tell your Mom I am so sorry
Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
Michele...I am so very sorry. I'm glad that the family was able to be there and that she wasn't alone.
Thank You! Mom's pretty upset. They went to High School together. Betty had been calling at least 4x's a day since mom's surgery. She was going to fly to St Louis with the other friend who also had back surgery for her check up. They just made summer plans to the shore too.

It was a wake up call for mom too. It reminded her she isn't young anymore
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I am so sorry.
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