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Simba dehydrated - not drinking any water!

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I had my Simba at the vet over the weekend for dehydration. He was always a big water drinker, however, in the past few weeks will not drink any water. He has not been himself lately and sleeps most of the time. I had my vet run numerous tests to include all the major stuff; kidney failure, diabetes, thryoid, she even did several x-rays to check for any masses. Everything came back normal. She said except for him being dehyrated, she could not find anything else wrong. Poor baby... I didn't realize dehydration could make a cat feel so bad. I have no idea why he has decided he is no longer interested in drinking any water. Does anybody have any tips to get him to drink more? It is a challenge with him, because he will not eat any wet food. I mean nothing... not even tuna. The only thing he eats is his crunchy kibbles. So... that is not an option to get more water down. He does like milk, so I've been diluting some milk with 50% water and he does drink that. But... if the milk is too watered down he wants no parts of it. I can usually do 50/50 and he will drink it. Ugh... very frustrating. I do have several water bowls placed throughout the house for him, but other then the milk trick, don't know what else I can do. He got fluids on Thursday and Friday at the vet, but I'm afraid if he doesn't start drinking more soon, he will become dehydrated again.
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Try plain chicken broth. Make sure it is either unsalted or very lightly salted. No onions or garlic as seasonings.
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Have you tried a water fountain? I think mine drink a lot more because of the 2 fountains I have.
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I haven't tried the water fountain yet, but I'm thinking that may be my next step.
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You can also try squeezing the water from a tuna can into Simba's water bowl to entice drinking.
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