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Pennie's moving her babies - why??

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Pennie's babies are 1 week old today (happy birthday babies), and she seems intent on moving them. We keep her in one room, but open it in the a.m. for her to come out. Well, this morning she was scouting a place and within minutes came up to our room with a baby in mouth, putting it under our bed. We got the baby and moved him back downstairs. Since they were born they've been kept under my desk in the office. Well, a little while later we heard crying by the door. My son opened it and Pennie was sitting with a baby in her mouth, waiting to take him out. Then, the next time we heard crying, I went in to see one baby left under the bookshelf in the office, while Pennie waited by the door. What is going on? Why is she moving them? I need some cat psychology. What do I do?
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She doesn't feel comfortable with them where they are, she's trying to move them to what she feels is a safer place. Under your bed may be more dark, and quiet, and somewhere less exposed.
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In the wild, it is normal for a cat to move her babies every so often, as the nest becomes smellier and more noticeable to predators (no reflection on your house!). It is instinct that tells her to do this. Also, as the babies get bigger and start to move around she wants them to be out of any traffic lanes, noises etc. So you can either let her take them to where she feels safer, or shut her in where you want her to be. There is always the possibility that she will move them again.
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If it is not a big problem, I would let her move them to where she feels safe with them. They will all be happier. If you have her birthing box, I would move it to the room where she wants to go. You don't her moving them to where you cannot find them at all.
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Many moms will want to move the kittens where they feel safer. That's why my queens are confined to one room or a very large cage. When they are confined like that, they have no desire to move the kittens. If they are in an area that is too open or too much traffic, that's when the problems start.
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Thank you, I appreciate your input! I think for now I want her to stay where she is. Even though there's more traffic than she'd like, I want to know where she is! I just didn't want her dropping babies all over the house!
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Sometimes the solution is as easy as changing her bedding. Good luck and Happy-One-Week-Day to the kiddies!
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