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My sister's car was towed

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My mom just called me and told that I might not be babysitting today if my sister can't get her car out of impound. The people that the apartments that she lives at had her car towed this morning and she doesn't know why.
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If they don't have a darn good reason she should demand to be compensated for the tow and impound charges. UNless she was parked in the wong space or she missed being informed of snow clearing or somthing of the sort there is no reason for her to have been towed.... did the people that did it even try to contact her? Phone call? knock on the door?
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Well from what my mom told me no.. they didn't try to contact her. My mom told me that my sister thought her car had gotten stolen.
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The same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had a rental and aparently if you have a rental you have to park in vistor parking - I didn't know that - and they towed the rental. I walked outside and thought it had been stolen. It was a horrible ordeal.... I hope things work out for your sister.
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I didnt know they could tow unless you are parked illegally or in a place marked as unavailable for whatever reason.

I call for the tow truck all the time - ppl are constantly blocking our driveway out front and our garage in the back. I wait 15 minutes first as a courtesy unless they are truly there only a minute. The last one who blocked our garage though - seriously! How could she not see it was blocked? If she had pulled up only 3 more feet (and there was at least 40 ft more she could have gone) she would have still been parked illegally but I wouldnt have called the tow! But no, she had the right to block 20 people it seems.
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She should most definitely talk to the apartment complex!!!

The apartments we lived at last year would tow a car if it wasn't "checked in" with the apartment manager. There were two cars that were towed from our lot because they kept parking in our lot for weeks and were not checked in with the apartments. (They took your plate number and kept that in your file)

Maybe they do that at her complex?? Did she get a new car? I don't know, but they HAVE to have an excuse!
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