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Vibes for Neils dental surgery!!

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On Wednesday morning Neil is having dental implant surgery due to cracking of a molar late last fall. We had to wait until this year as his insurance plan at work was changed. The implant part unfortunately isn't covered by insurance as its considered "cosmetic" even though our dentist sent the insurance company a letter stating future dental problems can occur with out it!!!

Anyhow its Wednesday morning we go to the oral surgeon then to his dentist after that.

When his tooth was pulled he was in a bit of pain so I'm sure this will be worse!! I have all the pain meds prescriptions ready.

Any suggestions for cool, soft foods would be great.

I have the usual: ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, Jello, pudding but any new ideas would be helpful as I'm grocery shopping tomorrow.

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Ew that doesn't sounds much fun Rune has also just had dental surgery - he's been living on ice-cream and yoghurt for a few days.... bananas are good - good nutritional value and soft. Find some soft fruits like that.... they might be good to ahve in the house.

Wish him luck from us!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Sending many vibes for Neil
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Tons of For Neils dental surgery!! Hope it goes well!
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I hope all goes with the surgery. I'm sure once the pain all goes away, he will be glad he had it done. Maybe you could make fruit smoothies. They are delicious and are healthy.
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lots of good luck vibes coming your way
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Lots of vibes for Neil!
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That hardly sounds fun

Sending many vibes to him (and to you too )
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Insurance companies do anything they can to weasel out of paying. Will the dentist allow you to do payments or are you lucky enough to have some money saved back?

When DH had all four of his wisdom teeth cut out he was on soft foods for several days too. Mashed potatoes are one option, you can also look into some of the breakfast drinks and stuff like Ensure if he wants a snack and to keep his energy up. What about oatmeal? Soups like tomato soup and the Lipton chicken noodle soup mix (tiny noodles) may be be a good choice too. Sweet potatoes, acorn squash and butternut squash can be mashed up. Oh, and apple sauce!

for quick healing.
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I got yoghurt, grapes, cottage cheese, frozen yoghurt for smoothies and ice cream and ice cream bars, a new blouse to wear (kidding I will wear another time!).

So we should be set-I'll pick up a couple of movies on the way home tomorrow too.
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