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Easter Grass

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Hello all... Been awhile sense i been back..Looking for help on my cat but had to take her in Easter is cool and all just wanted to say about the grass dont let them get into it my daughter had the easter grass in her room on the floor she was makeing me a basket and left the basket on the floor for days..Well my 3 almost 4 year old had it in her for maybe 3 days she was getting sick throwing up her dry cat food i thought it was food stuck in her teeth then all the sudden she did it again 3 times yesterday and i fed her some wet food she was ok..Well then later 4 more times could not figure out why this kepted on going on well the last time she got sick the easter grass came out of her she had this in her for 3 maybe 4 days i did not know and my daughter forgot to pick it up...I told her if you dont it can kill her she did not believe me well as of 3pm easter she had to go to the vet they kepted her they told me they will put a IV in her all nite and hope we dont have to do surgey they will xray her then let me know..sooooo please keep grass and cats away from each other i hope my baby comes home in a few hours and that we got it in time will let you know..hugs to all..ttfn
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So sorry about your kitty - hope she'll be alright. Easter grass is very dangerous. Thank you for warning everyone about it.

Sending good thoughts and best wishes to your kitty for a quick recovery.
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Thanks for the warning. I knew that Easter "grass" is nothing more then teh same tinsle that you put on the Christmas tree but in a different color. Both can be deadly to cats if they eat it.
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That's why I refuse to let easter grass or tinsel in my house!!!

I hope your kitty makes it through all right!

Keep us updated!
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The plastic easter grass is icky, gets everywhere and blows out of kids baskets when they're outside. Unintentional littering, but still littering.

Next year use the paper kind or better yet, real grass.
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Awww, I hope she will be OK. Essentially anything string like could be deadly to cats. As mentioned Easter grass, tinsel, but beware of ribbon used on balloons and Christmas presents also. I have to be careful with the cellophane pull string off my cigarettes because Popsie loves to eat those. I found one hanging out his rear one day!!! Luckily it came out.
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Maybe you should consider quitting the smoking for your cat's health????
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I know someone whose cat ate curly ribbon, and had to have surgery to remove it from the intestine. This type of thing can't be digested and sometimes won't pass through the intestine. Luckily the kitty survived, but you have to be very careful about anything like that lying around the house.
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lets not forget fishing line, yarn and floss.
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