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Second tragedy for Peluche's family

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A few weeks ago I posted here about Peluche, who was found dead after being missing for a week. With her history of a heart murmur, the vet thought she had a heart attack. Now my friend has just called me to say that Tigger, Peluche's son and only 18 months old, had a stroke yesterday and had to be PTS as he was paralysed in three legs and in great distress. It could be that he inherited the same weakness that his mother had, though he seemed perfectly healthy. The family were just coming to terms with the loss of Peluche and are devastated. They still have three of her kittens but are now terrified of something else happening, though all are vet-checked regularly.
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that is such tragic news. my heart goes out to the family for the loss of peluche's son tigger. RIP little one.
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Rest In Peace, Tigger
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Oh my, I'm so sorry.

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Oh Jenny that's so sad

RIP Tigger

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Thats so Sad. I hope the other Cats will be ok.
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Oh that is just SO sad. I am sending more vibes to Peluche's family.

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I will pass on your condolences. Apart from the three remaining cats whose mother was Peluche, they also have Shelley, who is 20 years old. Of course, they realise that she is on borrowed time, though still active, and are being extra protective towards her now. Of all of them, they expected her to go first. I can only hope that Shelley has at least a few months left to her, as they could not go through another loss in the near future. Lucy, their owner, is near to breaking down completely and her mother has gone to stay with her.
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I can only imagine how heartbroken they must be.

Rest in Peace Tigger
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Such a tragic losses in a short time. My condolences to the family and prayers that Peluche's remaining kittens stay healthy and active.
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Condolences to Peluche's family. Sending vibes that their remaining kitties continue to be healthy
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Tigger - play happily with your mama-kitty & the rest of our other TCS kitties!
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Oh how heartbreaking I am very sorry for the family
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What terrible news

Though I cannot hold you in my arms today
I will hold you in my heart forever.
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I'm so sorry for the families loss. Rest in Peace Tigger.
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