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Daily Thread Monday March 24th!

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Happy Easter Monday!

I had Friday off so I am off to work this morning. Hopefully people think we are closed and don't bother calling in

Not much else going on with me today...still recuping from my weekend..I want to go back already.

Its -10 right now Spring Spring where are yooooooooou?

Have a great day my friends!
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*yawn* I am soooo tired, I had to sub for the third shift guy so I am really really tired. My plan for today is sleep. For the rest of the week I am back on first shift.
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Morning everyone!

Wow, its sunny, but 32F (0C). I hope the little daffidols outside are OK!

I'm super stuffed from yesterday, my butt feels 10x its size and now i get to go to work.
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Will we ever warm up here??? Its 16F now- our normal high for this time of year is 43 F-we will supposedly reach that tomorrow then back to low -mid 30's. We will have snow until June I swear!!

Anyhow-really need to work on starting seeds today. Also have to get to woodpile to carry in some more as we will be out of wood inside of house this week. With all the snow still left I cannot use ATV/cart by other cart I cannot get out of potting shed hopefully the wheelbarrow is unthawed.

Have some housecleaning to do to with much cat hair to clean up!!

Have salmon and a risotto for dinner tonite with roasted veg.

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!

Very much on the frosty side here as wellbut at least the sun is shining.
I agree with GailC though it's going to take forever to get rid of the snow at this rate.

Heading off to work as usual, have a bunch of stuff to do today so it should keep me busy until 4-5.

After that just home and left-overs for dinner..

The kitties are being lazy this morning and all three are sprawled out on my bed snoring right now...
Wish I was
But I guess someone has to go earn the money for the kitty food, litter and treats..

Everyone have a great day
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Well it's monday... the bosses arn't coming in today *YAY* and absolutely no one has called except the boss this morning. So it looks to be getting on to be an okay day!
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It was definitely "coolish" here this morning. About 40, give or take. The daffodils are out. The red clover is out. The bluebonnets are starting to come out. The Indian paintbrush is out. We drove the hot rod down to Whitney, TX, on Saturday to visit some friends. We both got a sunburn, but it was a little cool, only about 70.

This is one of the coldest Marches on record in this area, however.
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well, yesterday i just had my friend over, & we had a couple of drink's.
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