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Bathroom Kitty!!

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Grayski,my Blue Point Siamese,has this cute habit, everytime I head for the bathroom,he followes me,he start's rubbing my leg intill I reach down and pet him,then he rolls over for a belly rub!ever try to go to the bathroom bented over? Then when I get up he jumpes on the bed and demands another belly rub![Bathroom is off bedroom] And if I lay down,he comes up by my face and wents his rub no matter what time I lay down.I laid down about 1;00 today on the couch,he was sleeping across the room,I wasn;t down for 2 seconds and he must have heard the couch make a noise,and bam he was on the couch next to me wanting his rub!He also sleep's right beside me at night,but will not go to sleep,intill I play with him! He is so sweet!
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So sweet! He just wants to be close to you no matter where you are!
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Awww.. he sounds like such a little darling.
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What a snuggle-bug!
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I cant beleive you just said that. My passed over Su was my "bathroom kitty!" I would have to bend over often and pet him while on the john. And he used to sit on the toilet tank every time i took a shower and schmooze me with his face as soon as i got out. Its like i washed all his sent off and he had to put it back on. I allways called him my "bathroom kitty".
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Rowdy is our bathroom supervisor. I guess that she figures that, as long as I'm sitting there, I might as well pet her.
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Sherlock would jump up on (what was once) your lap while you were seated on the throne. Very difficult to do ones business with a fully grown male cat stradling your lap and demanding to be snuggled.
Sheeba would be at your feet as well. Mighty crowded in a toilet room. If you shut them out, they would cry and scratch the door and the paws under the door to wave at you. Just so special.
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Well they are just very smart kitties! You are well, a captive audience and they know it. My girl friend's boy Doodle, who recently passed at the age of 17) used to acutally use Pants when dropped as a hammock as long one sat on the loo! (hehehehehehe)
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Yup. Lazlo's a bathroom cat. He also often heads in there and meows for me to come in there and pet him. It turned into such a production that we finally emptied out a cabinet for him to hang out in in there!
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kahu is our bathroom supervisor - he likes to look in the loo while its being flushed and then he freaks out i guess he thinks hes going to disappear too LOL
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moe and neo always sit outside the bathroom door when ever anyone goes in :LOL:
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Ivo also comes into the bathroom while I'm "busy" for loving. But she does one better-when I come home from work and use the bathroom, she'll use her litterbox at the same time! She had definately figured out what I'm doing in there.
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Willie, thank goodness, just sits outside the door and waits for me to come out.
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no way I can go to the loo without being accompanied by Pinsel. She always jumps up onto the cupboard that contains the handbasin and expects me to turn on the tap for a good drip.Then she waves her big tail through my face and starts removing the imaginary twigs from the basin. Bad luck that nobody is ever present to take a photo. Well, not that I´d publish it with me occupying the porcelain bus. But nevertheless would be an entertaining pic. She´s such a sweety. I can´t thank her breeder enough for giving her to me.What she doesn´t like is when I toss and turn in my bed.She is a quiet companion and only keeps lying on that part of the blanket that I need to cover my back and butt.But somehow we always find an agreement or she simply leaves till I have fallen asleep.Well, all the best to you and the 4paws Elisabeth
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