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Eye lid sucking cat

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Hiya,just wondering if anyone else has a kitten that likes sucking peoples eye lids
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Nope! It's ear lobes at our house!!
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Lol well i get that too or nose and chin,but the eye lid is her fav,im normally left covered in slobber
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Radar is an absolute fiend for licking eyelids, never had him get hold of one and suck it but he does like sucking fingers and I'm not taking a chance with my eyeballs - when he starts I redirect his attention to my hands
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hehehe my kitty likes to lick my eyes Not sure what thats about but I let him do it if it makes him so happy.
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Ewww gross. Nope, Popsie doesn't like to lick any body part. Although one time I put some cheeze wiz on the top of my foot and he licked it off.
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the cat ricky is referring too is little teaser...
she is a fiend for it, wont let go of you shes nuts!
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When I read the title to this thread I laughed!! That is so weird! I have never had a cat do that. Sox really like to lick my arms and face but never my eye lids!
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My previous cat, Bingo went through a stage of levering our eye lids open to wake us up if she didn't think we should be asleep! Thankfully she grew out of it before we were left blind!
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Peedoodle does! And then my eyelid gets inflamed!
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my rb cat janet always used to love licking my eyelids to wake me up! what is it about them do you think? could it be the saltiness from tears i wonder.
shinobi will do this too if you give him half a chance, funny kitties!
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Yes - Bijou does this too. Those little tongues hurt when they lick our sensitive eyelids.
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
Nope! It's ear lobes at our house!!
Earlobes here too! and chewing rather than licking. Only mine though Pipsi will often walk up hubbys body when we're in bed, take a delicate sniff at his ear then turn away in disgust and come latch herself onto my ear purring her head off
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Mary likes to nip my lips, my ears, she combs my hair with her paws. She licks my entire face. She licks anywhere where there is visible skin.
My other two try to lick but aren't keen on it.
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