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2 week olds

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How long is it ok to hold them? Up until now I haven't held them for more than 10 minutes. Can I start holding them for longer periods of time? I make sure they aren't nursing at the time and when they get fussy/wake up I give them back to momma to nurse.
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That's fine. I usually sit on the floor and play with all the kittens and let them explore
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Thanks, I do that too. I will bring Sophie and all the babies in the living room and she will lay and watch as they crawl around. The babies also got exposed to children for the first time today when my nephiews came over (7 and 8) I will get them to come over more often so they will be socialized to kids by the time they go to their new homes. They also are exposed to my 3 dogs so they should be used to dogs too. Right now I just let the dogs sniff them and sometimes the kittens hiss and spit at them but they have pretty much stopped now. These babies won't be scared to death and shy like Sophie and Olive were when I brought them home.
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This may sound terrible, but I assure you I don't mean it in an abusive sense, but I absolutely think it's adorable when kittens hiss and spit. It's just like, dude, you are like, 1 lb, maybe, and you are hissing and spitting at me/that dog/a tree/the wall as though you really think you will be able to defend yourself. And rather than being intimidated by it, goshdarnit, it just makes me want to cuddle with you!

Which is actually a pretty good defense mechanism, now that I think about it...
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know what you mean - its like that might scare a grasshopper, but that's about it More funny when they "hiss" before their eyes are open
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These babies hissed at my dog when they were less than 24 hours old. lol It cracked me and my mom up.
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