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Siblings don't get along

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I have two, two-year old siblings (a male and a female). For the first year or so they were inseparable and got along GREAT. Since then, they don't seem to get along well....they've both gotten very territorial and the female hisses and swats at her brother almost everytime they are in close proximity. One more fact, the male likes to chase the female around (and she is obviously less than happy about that).

Can anyone shed any light on how I can help them get along?
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My first question would be, are they both fixed? If not, getting him neutered, and her spayed will help tremendously.

Have there been any changes in the household recently? Even little changes can affect cats, they really like the same routine all of the time.

It is getting on to kitty season. It could be that you are being visited by strays and ferals, and they are marking the area around your home, causing this behavior in your two cats. You can go to a local beauty salon and ask them for a plastic baggie of human hair, then spread the hair around the yard, to keep the wild ones away OR you can start feeding the outside kitties, give them shelter, get them trapped, neutered and re-released before kitten season is in full swing.

Buy a couple of cat ramps and put them up on the wall, high enough for the dominant cat to sit there and feel secure.

Play classical music in the background softly, it really does help, and for some reason classical harp music works the best.

Invest in the new product by Feliway, the Comfort Zone room plug in.

Add Rescue Remedy to their water or food to help calm them, and if you have a certain scent you wear, spray your hands with perfume, shake them out till it dries, then rub each cat down with your hands to transfer the scent.

Good luck!
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You know, the family i adopted Daisy from has a household of male kitties. Several of the male kitties used to chase Daisy around, and i heard that she used to hide and be miserable.

i adopted her when i saw her picture, and when i knew she was miserable there. She is a beautiful cat, my Daisy.

i read on the internet that it helps to play with the kitty who is the aggressor. Spend more time playing with him, and possibly more toys? i was thinking he wants attention from you? i am not sure, just speculating.

With my Venus, she tends to get aggressive in the beginning as well. i was so afraid that tiny little thing was going to tear my Daisy apart!! hehe!! (not kidding!!)

So, i surfed the net for information, and as to how to react to aggressive/bullying kitties. So, the solution to my problem was to play with Venus more and to give her a lot of loving (stroking, attention, kissing, hugs, just being in the same room.)

Hey presto!! It works!! Hehehe!!

I hope it would be "hey presto!" for you too.. at least i pray so.

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I had some problems with agression, or at least rough play with two cats who were being introduced. Of course this is not the same situation as you are asking about, but rubbing them both after I had perfume on my hands seemed to do the trick. They settled down within two days. And now run away from me if I try to rub them with that awful Chanel No. 19 on my hands. They have no taste at all.
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One time neo got a plastic bag caught on his tail when i was putting food away and it really scared moe. after that they were hissing and growling at each other. Maybe on of them did something to scare the other. It took alittle while but seperated them and let them calm down and then they shart a bowl of kitty milk and where friends again. My boys normally get along but when they get into a fight i put them in time out. One goes inside the room and one goes out. then they play paws and miss each other and are bestfriends again. if i don't they will fight for hours.
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