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Adopting a big cat?

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Hi all! Sometime in the future(talking at least 20 years from now) I will hopefully aqquire some land and have a small horse stable! I have always been fascinated by Cheetahs and have been impressed with their agility and speed. I was wondering how you would go about adopting a cheetah? I would NOT be taking one from the wild, but I was thinking about rescuing one from someone who owns one but doesnt want it anymore. Thanks in advance!
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I would imagine you would have to have a permit for one thing. Amber the Bobcat has big cats - he can probably advise you best in what you may need.

I think it would be cool, but its a big responsibility and pretty costly - just in food alone!
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FIND OUT the LEGAL issues in your area ... IN MANY you NO LONGER can...

Cheetahs DO NOT do well in a captive enviornment, many other cats do .. but RESEARCH...
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Well its just a dream as of now, but dont worry if I did do this I would be adopting one that was already in captivity! And I would reserch the animal to death before I obtained one Thanks for your help!
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Try exoticcatz.com

Adopting a mature cheetah is relatively out of the question if you want it to bond to you at all. I know that it CAN be done, but when a cheetah is abandoned, that's the way it feels. If you want a cat to bond to you, handraise a kitten or cub. That's what I've heard, at least. And, by bond to you, I mean... let you touch it. Though it really would depend on its circumstances before. They just don't deal with change very well.

Cheetahs aren't really available because they're endangered, anyway.

If you're looking for a big cat, research Servals, Bobcats, Lynx, Cougar. I don't think a Lion or Tiger would be suitable, but that might just be me... Most other animals are too hard to get in captivity because of the low numbers.

You will need a large enclosure, a tolerance for a big cat that pees and sprays on EVERYTHING, a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of dedication.
I too would love to get one of these cats one day but at the moment it's just not realistic for me... One day I hope to have a Lynx.

Again, read articles on exoticcatz.com, very very helpful.
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I looked on the website and they said getting a Cheetah may be hard.....I'll keep my hopes up though, maybe someday.....

Thanks for your help!
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