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emergancy vets last night..

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With Foxy, She has a really bad uti sneezing coughing and runny eyes, not really eating or drinking. They dont want to give her anything as she is only about 6 days or so from delivery, but they have given her eye cream and some fluids.
There a bit worried about the kittens as there very small and not very active so there not hopfull for a good outcome. Were just to keep her warm plenty of fluids and eye cream twice a day and only wet food as she isnt drinking much so no dry food.
On top of this my gizmo is up the vets first thing in the morning as his eyes are really bad, iv been washing hands before and after touching foxy but it seemed to have spreed so quickly and one of his eyes looks so bad already its very red his third eye lid is showing and so runny, so im bathing it with warm water for now untill the vets tomorrow. And we have had some sneezing from a few of the other cats ( i have 12 of my own cats and 2 who i took in to look after) so i might see if a vet can come out to me.

Also Lizzie who was pregnant and then turned out not to be, IS pregnant Well i will know for sure on tuesday when i get an apointment, i can feel kittens now and she has milk as of today, They must have been so far up even when the vet checked as he didnt even think she was. Argg so much is going on at the moment i might not get a chance to update, when i do get a chance i will.
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Oh, best of luck, sweetie. Sounds like a hospital ward you've got there... except I bet these patients won't ever stay in their appropriate beds.
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What a stressful situation all the way around! I'm wondering if Gizmo has herpes, which would make him extremely susceptible to URI, and almost anything you do to prevent it won't work.

So many things for you to worry about. \t \t for you and healing prayers for your furbies.

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Was just reading back through my post and made a mistake (i'm tired) i put UTI instead of URI. and thank you both.
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Well foxy was back to the vets today as she seemed to be getting worse, They gave her an antibiotic injection and put her on tablets twice a day for a week.
They said it shouldnt effect her unborn kittens but because how ill she is she could still abort the kittens, they think she has about 1-2 weeks still left to go, I didnt ask how many they think she is carrying as i'm more worried about her amd the kittens health.

I now have 5 of my own cats with the same thing so been a costly few days But we will get through it.
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I hope she feels better and the Kittens will be ok. My Meeko had Clavamox when she was Preg and Shots. Yoshi was her only kitten and he was fine. I did lose him Jan 11 at age 5. They think he had Dry Fip and he had Kidney Stones that could not be removed. I know what you mean about CATS getting Uris. My Coco has one again. They gop from one Cat to the other.
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You sure have your hands full at the moment - poor babies! I hope everyone will be all right.

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Oh goodness! I'm thinking of you!
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Well there is no change, at least she hasnt got any worse, her breathing still seems bad but her gums are still pink, vet said as long as they stay pink she should be fine.
Gonna give her till friday, if no better i'm gonna take her back up again. Thanks for all the vibes x
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