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TommyBoy, my God what happened to you??

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I am in shock. TommyBoy, our big Pixe Bob man just passed away I don't even know what to say at the moment, it happened so fast. 2 days ago, you were your normal big lovable self. Then, I noticed you were not acting quite yourself.. Nothing at that time, would tell me something was seriously wrong. Then today, when I woke up, you couldn't even stand. I found an emergency hospital that would take you today, Easter Sunday. I wrapped you in some warm blankets and headed off to the hospital. I heard you cry out, I reassured you that everything would be ok, not to be scared, because we were going to the doctor and they will make you feel better. When I came to a stop, I looked at you and you were gone Never in my life, sharing it with cats, have I ever seen anything happen so fast. Our big boy and Boris's best pal, what happened? I sit here looking at your now lifeless body, thinking you will get up and greet me with your silly little way. You would walk up to us, then spin around real fast and rest you rear end against our legs as if to say here I am, pet me now!! Then as we would stroke your soft fur, you would flop over for your belly rubs, with your feet sticking straight up, kneading the air. I can't believe something could happen so fast. Where did you go our big man?? Tommy, you were such a big gentle soul. You had a face that reminded me of a tiger, with the heart of an angel My boy, what ever happened to you, I wish we could have known sooner. But 2 days, how could you have been taken from us so fast? I am at a loss for words, because I am sitting here in shock. Good Bye our big lug man. May your journey across the bridge, bring comfort to your soul and may you rest peacefully in Gods loving arms
TommyBoy 4/06/2001 to 03/23/2008

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Oh, John! What sad news.

RIP Tommy Boy.
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I'm so sorry for your loss . Rest in Peace Tommy
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I am so sorry John. Romp freely over the bridge Tommy Boy
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Oh John I am SO sorry What a shock for you. Bless you Tommy Boy He's gorgeous John!!
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I just added some pictures of our big man. God, I can't believe this even happened. In 1 month, he would have been only 7 years old
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Such a gorgeous big boy. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry John.
I am glad you added the pics Tommy is such a great looking Cat.

Rest in Pease tommyboy, Play well the bridge.
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So sorry about your Cat. My Lucy died like that. she died in the Truck on the way to Er vet very sudden too.
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Oh my God, John, I'm so sorry! He was a beautiful boy! RIP TommyBoy....play freely at the Bridge!
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I'm so sorry John! He was far too young.....

Play happily over the rainbow bridge TommyBoy.
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What a stunning cat. Very sorry for your loss of Tommy.
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He sure was a nice looking Cat.
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RIP Tommy

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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OMG!! i cant believe it!!! im so sorry you lost your Tommy R.I.P. big boy, you were so gorgeous... play happily over the bridge baby.
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Oh John i'm so sorry What a gorgeous boy he is and what a heartbreaker he's going to be at the bridge

Have fun at the bridge Tommy, your going to be missed so much

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oh, John how horrid! i think it's so much harder to bear when it's sudden like this your boy was so handsome know that we're all here for you, whatever you need

he was just a few months younger than Mouse was when she passed
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So sorry to read about your loss, John.

Play happy over the Bridge, Tommy.
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I am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes. Thank you for all the kind words. Tommy is going to be missed so much. It was so hard, watching my other cats visit him for their last time. LilRoar, Tommy's daughter, stopped to look at him. Aurora, who made such beautiful kittens with him, looked at Tommy with almost a confused look about her. Boris was the most difficult to watch. He came up to Tommy purring his heart out and rubbed all over him. Then after about 10 minutes, he slowly walked away, looked back and went to our bedroom to sleep. We're not the only ones who are going to miss this big boy. Feeding time was difficult, not seeing Tommy there I just feel terrible, as if I could have done something more sooner, but it happened so darn fast
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Oh John, I'm so very sorry to hear about Tommy.
Rest In Peace, beautiful boy and watch over your Daddy, Mommy and all your furry Brothers and Sisters they love and miss you very much
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Oh John I am sitting here just I am so very sorry for your loss, What a Beautiful Boy Tommy was, I can't even imagine How you are feeling

RIP Beautiful Tommy over the Rainbow Bridge
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My wife just called me. Boris was talking to Tommy. We have him wrapped in a blanket and he is in his igloo were he loved to sleep, until tomorrow morning. Boris unwrapped Tommy and was talking to him. Boris was really close to Tommy
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Oh no John!!!

I am so sorry!!!

Tommy play over the bridge.
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Oh God that made me cry.
Poor sweet Boris, bless his heart.
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I'm very sorry for your loss
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I am so sorry John. I can hardly imagine the grief you are going through. You and your family are in my prayers. Play happily Tommy Boy.
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I'm so sorry, John! What a tragic loss RIP TommyBoy
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Oh no!!! I'm sooo sorry to hear Tommy has left you! And so suddenly! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family, fur and non-fur alike.

Play happy now sweet TommyBoy!
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is always hard to deal with right away when it happens suddenly. Difficult to accept and come to terms with, especially with him so young. But also in a way it is a blessing that he was not ill for long, that you didn't have to see his life slip away over months or years, or watch him become thin and frail. It doesn't sound as though he suffered unbearably or for a long period of time.

He was a beautiful boy who blessed your lives by being with you, even though it may not have been for as long as you would have liked or expected. The special ones are often called away too soon. Rest in peace sweetheart.
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OMG I am so sorry for your loss. RIP TommyBoy!!! Sweet angel
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