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Pepper's sneaking outside

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We just moved, and in our new house Pepper has decided he wants to be an outside cat, or and inside-outside one at least. And I don't think I'm ok with this. He never really tried to get out before we moved, but now I am home 5 days a week and the weather is beautiful where we live and so my dog Bella is in and out constantly all day, and so Pepper has started darting out when he can. He stays close by (for now) but won't come in when you call him. Wait and hour or two later and then he's ready to come back in. So I don't know what to do. He has no flea medication, so do I need to start that?

I love those outdoor enclosures but that wouldn't prevent the problem of him running out when I am letting Bella out. And literally we are opening the door maybe 15-30 times a day. I rent and the door to go out doesn't lead into the backyard, it is on the side of the house so there is no way to top off the fence or anything to keep him in. There are no major roads around or anything, but I just worry about encounters with other cats and dogs, and ticks and fleas, etc.

Any suggestions for me?
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Is Pepper fixed? I don't remember- sorry.... This time of year, many cats try and sneak out because the weather is warmer and kitten season is starting....
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Oh yes, sorry I should have thought to mention that. He is fixed, and he's about 9 months old.

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I wish I had some good advice for you, but my cats are all outdoor cats except one who is indoor/outdoor, because we live on a farm with little traffic. So I have never had to deal with this problem before...I wish you the best, though...I am sure someone will have some good advice for you here who has dealt with this kind of problem before!
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What about an outdoor enclosure that you could carry him into during the day? I am going to build one for my kitties this Spring. If he got to go out into the enclosure, he would be safer. You should start flea medication so he doesn't get fleas or ticks.

If you want links to Cat Enlosure sites let me know!
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what we did with my inlaws kitties was everytime we walked in the house we throw a treat away from the door. or a toy or something. so after awhile when the heard the door open they ran away from it looking for the treat ot toy :LOL:

one of the reasons we bought this house is because you the kitchen door opens in the the laundry room and then the laundry room opens to the outside....so the kitties would have to try sneaking out both doors.
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i know what you mean about your baby wanting to all go out and all. My Daisy is the same, and she always hangs out near the window, observing the birdies and the outside kitties (7 feral that i feed.)

i spoke to a manager at Petco once before about fleas and such. He recommended that fleas be "controlled" in three areas: the backyard, on the kitties and in the house. That means that you have to spray the backyard with flea control products, put something like advantage (i like this product), and also to spray flea control stuff in your house.

i used to put on advantage on my Daisy once a month. However, she does not go to the backyard, so i stopped that. For your kitty, it sounds like she needs it.

Also, i don't think those flea collars are good for the kitties. i feel they might got toxic in them, just by licking on the collar.

i read on the internet that cats will not miss what they don't experience. For my new kitty, Venus, i don't let her out at all, and she does not miss being out, and is pretty content just playing in the house.

Daisy had "outside"experience as she had the chance to let out to the backyard by her former owner. Now, she is kept strictly indoors.

i bought a large penthouse tree (7 feet) to let them play in the house. Cats love heights and such. Hopefully, that is another distraction and an avenue for them to climb and exercise their natural behavior.

i can just share through personal experience, hopefully this will help a little??

Cheers and take care!

p.s. i think if you kitty if playing outside, a collar with your address,name and telephone is pretty helpful (Petco/Petsmart.) Also, i think microchipping is really essential, in case a kitty runs off, n someone finds it.
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Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm going to put him on some sort of flea medication asap. I really stress about fleas in my house. With Bella her hair is so short I don't worry as much, but now when Pepper comes in from outside I just cringe with worry of what he may be brining inside. My boyfriend wants to just leave him outside all the time now, but don't worry, I wouldn't let that happen. I have always loved the cat enclosure idea but we rent our house and plan to buy a home in the next 2 years so I would have to build something that could easily be taken apart and transported, etc. - not sure if that's realistic or not.

Crazy Cat Lover - I'd love the links for the enclosures anyway.

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