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Good Wishes for Zoey!

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Zoey, who has been getting better in the last week, took a turn for the worst last night. Her walking/balance has regressed, she has started urinating on the floor, and started gazing into space. Not as bad as she has been, but definitly worse than she was getting.

Because I decided to give her a tiny dose of the metacam (following 2 prior injections) provided by the vet for her supposedly broken tail (I was very hesitant due to the warnings of members of this board, but after speaking with my vet, felt that I had to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust his professional experience), I was extremely paranoid about potential renal problems. Because of this, we took her to the emergency vet this morning, who ran blood and gave sub-Q fluids. Although her kidneys seemed to be fine, the vet basically confirmed what I have already been told. Zoey very likely has dry FIP, given her Albumin:Globulin ratio, postive coronavirus test, and physical/neurological symptoms. He suggested that we let her go. However, given Zoey's recent upturn, I'm not ready to give up on her.

She was on prednisone when she was doing well, but was taken off when she went onto the metacam. When we go to the vet, I'm going to request that she go back on the prednisone and stay off the metacam (she vomited this morning - likely unrelated to the metacam, but will probably be enough to convince my vet that it's not a good idea). If she gets better and her tail is bothering her, I will look into an opioid form of pain relief. I will also be requesting that we do sub-Q fluids at home. I'm also going to ask about more holistic treatments that can be added to her regimand - although she is already on a good vitamin supplement.

I do not want to "wait it out" too long. Once we try these things, if her quality of life doesn't improve (as I believe it had in the last couple days) or she gets worse, we will have to reconsider the decision to put her to sleep.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the input they have give me so far, and keep you posted on Zoey's progress. I am trying to find a place to host pictures and will post them soon. Please cross your fingers that Zoey starts getting better again soon!

Let's see if these pictures work:
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I do know people that have Cats that had the dry form and lived. Can you get a 2nd opinion? They think Yoshi may have had the Dry Form. His tests were pos and I lost him in Jan. He had at least 10 Kidney Stones in each Kidney and there was more in the tubes to the Kidneys. prayers for your Cat.
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The emergency vet today was actually my 3rd opinion. When she first got the blood tests done and I figured it wasn't going to be anything simple, I moved her from the shelter's regular vet (we've only had her for 3 months, and she was a foster up until recently) to a vet I am more familiar with. Today, we took her to the emergency clinic that serves many regular clinics in the area. He was a new vet again.

The vet that she's been seeing has been very open to treatment. Since I said I wasn't comfortable putting her down, he has been excellent in giving her various treatments that could help her. He still, however, thinks she is FIP.

As much as I want to believe there is a possibility that something else is going on, her symptoms are consistent with the extensive research I have done on FIP. I do, however, know that many cats with diagnosed FIP go on to live for years. I want to give her this chance.
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Poor Zoey! I hope everrything turns out for the best.
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When they told me they thought Yoshi had the dry form of Fip. I could not believe it because he never was outside or anything and I have his Mom. He tested Pos though and he had alot of Kidney Stones that could not be removed.
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sorry to hear Zoey's still feeling poorly. there's a member on here whose has cats w/dry FIP - they take interferon.
she's a beauty, BTW! & on the way!
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Thank you

I will ask the vet about interferon tomorrow. Not sure if it's available here in Canada...
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Lots of vibes for Zoey!
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Zoey went back to the vet yesterday. He was impressed by how she was walking. I had concerns about her eyes (the emergency vet said that her one eye was inflammed and her reflexes weren't working properly), but they seemed to be fine for Dr. John. What a little monkey!

I am so up and down with this thing. One second, I'm really discouraged with the diagnosis of FIP and feel that maybe we should just let her go (although I wouldn't do this without giving her a bit more of a chance) and the other. The next, I think she's just in a lot of pain with her broken tail and that's throwing her off. Even if she does have FIP - maybe most of her symptoms are caused by the tail injury. I think part of it is that I know I'm going to have to go back to work tomorrow and hate leaving her alone for so long when she's been with me at home for most of the last 3 weeks. I think she's become a bit spoiled, because she refuses to sleep unless it's on my lap. Trying to make her realize her bed is cozy as well (she used to sleep on the couch, but she can't jump on/off right now). Grandma's going to come check on her tomorrow, so hopefully it won't be too long.

She is walking better today and her tail seems to be starting to move. Her eyes seem to be more attentive today - she'll look at me, instead of around me. She's still using the whole apartment as her litter box - but I think she's become afraid of the box because she's fallen in it so many times (and her back end hurts). She's still sleeping lots, but she's always slept a lot. Plus, she's healing - she needs rest. She's still eating, still not drinking. Gets her first at-home sub-q fluids at home. Wish us luck!
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I had "discovered" Zoey in one of the "Metacam" threads, only to wonder about the outcome.

A couple of, about the litterbox...if I were faced with this, I would get 2 cardboard boxes, one the size of the current litterbox, the second larger. I would cut a hole in one side of the large box, large enough for the cat to simply walk through. The lower edge of the hole would be cut a couple of inches from the bottom of the box. I would reduce the height of the smaller box - all sides - to 3-4 inches and it would become the new litterbox. I'd place the smaller box inside the larger one...I think my kitty would then easily access the litter without enduring the pain in its tail sure to come from having to jump in. The outer box would help contain any "flying" litter.

Because the cat may already have an aversion to any litterbox (pain association) I wouldn't put the litter in right away. Cats seem to have a fascination for cardboard boxes...I think I would let him explore the empty boxes beforehand.

You mentioned Interferon... indicates that alpha interferon is contraindicted for FIP (see: Isn’t There At Least Experimental Treatment?)

It does indicate that the use of feline interferon gamma is being investigated.

There was a study in 2005 involving gamma interferon & FIP - (don't know if this is what VetPartner referenced) - but, while I'm no virologist, the bottom line of that summary doesn't sound encouraging to me: "However, one cell type stands out as being the key element in both the "wet" and "dry" forms of FIP: the macrophage. Upregulation of IFN-gamma expression within the inflammatory lesions suggests a local activation of macrophages, which might result in increased viral replication."

You mentioned that you'll be away at cats take great comfort from all sorts of activities with plush toy animals. The ones I have which receive the most attention are just a little smaller than the cats. They play with them, they sleep with them....they are great "company" for my cats.

You also said that Zoey liked to sleep on the couch, but can't get up there right now. You might consider putting the cushions on the floor - or a walk-up ramp...?

I have personally found that, when dealing with a chronic disease/condition, the best practical advice/treatment information comes from other people who are dealing - and have dealt successfully - with the same issues. The wealth of practical information collectively gathered and shared can match - while being distinct from and not replacing - Veterinary expertise. There is one group of such people here

Here's hoping some of this may help!
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Thank you very much, BLAISE!

I will try the box idea. I bought some puppy training pads last night for her and put it where her litter box used to be (as well as in the bedroom, since we've been shutting her in with us at night), but she has not used them yet. She has played in cardboard boxes before, so we'll see if she shows interest.

She has a small seal stuffed animal that I have always put in her carrier with her. She will sniff it or rub up against it on occasion, but generally does not show much interest. Perhaps I will put it in the bed with us tonight as well so she associates it with comfortable spots.

She has a bed on the floor that she did lie in for a bit today. I will put a couch cushion on the floor for her. I'd prefer to keep her off the couch, since she has a tendency just to "walk off" things, and I don't want her to get even more sore.

I haven't went the Interferon least not yet. Your readings have been interesting, since I have read much about interferon as treatment for FIP. In any regard, I haven't even asked my vet about it yet. I want to give her time for her tail to feel better - and see what symptoms that pain is causing her.

Thank you for the group. I was surprised when I could not find a forum/group for FIP. There is it!

Thanks again. Zoe is currently curled up in my lap. She has had a good day. On good days, I feel optimistic.
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I'm sorry I haven't read the entire thread to see what kind of food she is on but my cat was also diagnosed with FIP when she was about 5 months old. She also had a very high titer. They basically sent her home to die. They said there was nothing else they could do except supportive care. The holistic vet did put her on Select Development food, Prozyme, and Jaro-dopholis. Prozyme to help her retain the nutrients from the food and Jaro-dopholis to firm up her stools. She is now 5 years old and doing great. She's never have had a problem since. Although shes never had a shot since either. I think when I took her in for her shots that triggered something. Who knows, FIP is a funny thing, they just never know. Cats don't live long with FIP wet or dry but they can certainly live a long long time with only a strain like mine has. I fed mine by hand 3 or 4 times a day with her food on the end of a butter knife. I mixed in some water to her food because she wouldn't drink it on her own. Select Development Food is for nursing mothers so it has extra calories and vitimans. Just don't give up. Make sure she's retaining the nutrients your giving her however or whatever that may be. Good Luck!
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