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Picks of the boys (cats)

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Presenting...Boo and Spartakiss!!!

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aww, sooo cute!
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Very handsome boys!
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Oh their so sweet Is there something wrong with one of your babies eyes though, they look sore
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very cute indeed..
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Your cats are gorgeous! Love their coloring & markings
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Yes, Spartakiss have eye problems. He's been to so many different vets and no one knows what the problem is. He can't see very well, and his eyes are always red and puffy. They need to be cleaned out every day or they get infected.
He also has abnormally small eyes.
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Awww, such handsome boys! I think I'm in love with Boo, but I'm a sucker for black and white kitties!

Poor Spartakiss's eyes. I had a cat that was prone to eye infections and had to clean them out every day (which, he absolutely loved of course ) The vet also gave me ointment to put in them when they got really bad. I think it was called tetramyicin (sp?). It helped a lot to keep them clear. I only had to use it a few times a week after I got it under control. Of course, if his eyes are unusually small, that may be hard....

But, your boys are gorgeous!!
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Originally Posted by gothicangel69 View Post
Presenting...Boo and Spartakiss!!!

y'know, except for the long hair & extra toes, [& gender!] Boo looks remarkably like my Pixel... he doesn't have a white stripe down his back, does he?
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no, he doesn't. Just a HUGE extra toe on all four feet.
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