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Lucy was in a good mood.

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Lucy tends to be on the cranky side. Especially when I clip her nails. She yowls like I'm pulling her toes out (and the clippers aren't even close yet), whacks the clippers out of my hand, and sometimes tries to bite. But yesterday, she was just following me around purring so I decided it was time to trim the nails. No yowling, whacking, or biting. Just purring.

Though I still had problems trimming her nails because she kept rubbing my hand with the clippers so much I couldn't get near her nails.
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Aww, Lucy just wanted to play with the clippers!
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I've found the ideal time to clip my older kitty Quincy's nails--when he's heavily into suckling on my earlobe (it's as if he's in a trance) you can do practically anything you want to him!
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