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NEw pics of my lot

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Between being busy with rescue stuff, and photobucket acting up, I am behind on pics of my lot, so here you are!! I dont have a cat younger than 8 in my house at the moment, fingers crossed I can persuade peopel to take on older cats.

First of all, we have to have Miss Molly (the only one who belongs to me)- this was taken the afternoon after she went to the vets!! She is 15

Then we have Zia, who is proving why I am not allowed to make the bed!! She is still officially a long term foster, I am in two minds whether to adopt her or not, and is 17, so the oldest cat here.

Then Rolo, he got bought a new toy last week, so here he is showing it off. I am actively looking for a home for him, as he does like to make it known he lives here, he is estimated to be 10, and not sure if you can see his colour in the pics, he is brown and white.

Then Moses, being pretty and also enjoying a toy, she is only 8, the youngest here, yet has been overlooked so far.

Rosie next, not got a lot of her, as she doesn't do a lot!! She is 15, not been here 2 weeks yet, she acts older than my 15yo and the 17yo foster!!

And the latest 'inmate', Hobo, who is a lovely boy, he has only been here a week, he was picked up as a 6yo stray, but we reckon he could be 10.

And here he is, proving why he didn't have to go back to his room last night, never known Rolo to allow this (first time I have ever done this!!).

and I can't resist posting this from last weekend - the first kittens born at the rescue, they were 5 weeks old, but apparently look more like 3 week olds

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Very cute cats!
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What lovely seniors. How kind of you to take them in. Not too many people would do that.
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They are - i love my oldies, but only one is officially mine, although I dont think the rescue are expecting to place Zia. The other 4 are all up for rehoming though, I have homed 10 and 13yo's, so am sure Moses, Rolo and Hobo will be fine - never homed a 15yo though, but a first for everything!!
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What a handfull, lovely pics though
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Great pics!!
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Beautiful kitties!!
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Cute cats, all of them.. Rolo looks like he is having fun! The babies are very cool looking
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Thanks everyone, they are all lovely cats .
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Wonderful thing taking in the older cats Wish more people could see how awesome they are. Zia looks like she is going to stay with you!

Now, those kittens? Well we just gotta have more pics of them, too
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Thanks, I wish people could see it too. Zi probably is, even though I am not too sure on whether I want to adopt her.
Not a lot of pics of the kittens sadly, as they are at the rescue rather than here. Although I may have to go over on Sat!!
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More pics

Not a lot of Molly, as the ones I took of her playing dont look right on the computer!! There are loads of Rolo, as he is the one that does the most interesting things





Rosie (she was making me not want to move the clothes, she has stopped using the bed now). And one pic of her with her eyes open!!


The girls and Hobo on the bed

Kittens, as requested

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very cute!

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