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Sunday - What's Your Plans?

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My plans for Sunday are this afternoon I'll be visiting some family friends.

How about everyone else? What's your plans?
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I'm going to have dinner with my family

Happy Easter everyone!
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Not a whole lot..I just got off work about an hour ago. Im tired but Ive got the next three days off so I wont sleep as much today..We may go to the in-laws later...and I believe their may be a family dinner planned at applebees!
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Cold out. Stay in. Maybe clean house a little.
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I am chillin here at the house with hammy and the kitties, my mom lives an hour away and i dont have the gas to go visit, so i will call and that will be my easter.
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Already started the pork loin in the crock pot. Getting ready to go to church, and then come home and finish making Easter dinner!
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Just resting and watching an item on Ebay that I will hopefully win later. Must have an early night though as its off deep sea wreck fishing in the early hours of the morning Brrrrrrrrrr!!! hope it aint to chilly.
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Morning All!!!!

Sunny but very cold here. Should warm up this afternoon though.
Great Maple Syrup Weather or so my brother tells me they started tapping at his farm earlier this week..
He also says the have 42 lambs now and you literally can't hear yourself think they are so noisy.
Guess that proves spring is here even though it doesn't feel like it.

Heading off to work for a bit, don't have much to do today since it's a holiday weekend but do have to put in appearance.

Then home, I am making ham, rice pilaf, and asparagus for dinner..

Kitties are great this morning, tearing around taking turns chasing each other. Even Sassy has had a go or two at it.

Everyone have a great day
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Church - Easter service, then I think we decided to go to the Chinese buffet to eat.

We were supposed to meet our 2 boys in the cities and go to Country Buffet at 3pm. But we found out earlier this week they are meeting their mother at the same place/same time. So we are not going up there now.
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We are having a turkey dinner with my boyfriends parents. We rented a couple of movies to watch and my boyfriend has to do the brakes on his car today. Thats about it here.
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We are doing a little work around DH's grandfather's house for him and then we are going to be taking him out to dinner.
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I just got back from working, worked from 8:30 to 6:30 today, not that bad of a shift really.
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We slept in this morning and then spent most of the afternoon outside... John worked with his cars and I worked with my horses. Then we had a nice dinner, and now we're just sitting around watching movies and surfing the internet on our computers.
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This morning i had work. None of my volunteers showed, so i had to clean the entire shelter by myself

After that I came home and worked on the music for the wedding and then the DJ came over and we finalized it for the most part! After that i was so tired i felll asleep on the couch I'm awake now so i guess i'll figure out dinner soon!
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well, i went round Dan's parent's for easter lunch! ooohhh, & i got an easter egg off them!
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