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Sanitary clip

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Hi everyone~

Does anyone know of a website showing a picture of the sanitary clip or can someone explain how to do it. Also some basic guidance on clipping a himalayan would be wonderful

I know to use professional clippers and to go with the growth of the fur, not against it!

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I found this for you on the web.

Sanitary Clip

Let's be honest. Sometimes all of that long hair around your Persian's rear can cause trouble. You might notice "something" hanging on after a trip to the litterbox. A sanitary clip can save both you and your cat a lot of heartache.

It is easier to let a groomer or even a vet handle it for you. Since not all vets or groomers will be able or willing to do it, here are some basic instructions on how to do it yourself.

Start by grooming the cat thoroughly giving special attention to the rear end. Thus the fur gets untangled, and the cat gets used to you being busy in that area.
Use very sharp, small scissors. Start around the backside and lift the fur with a comb to avoid accidentally cutting into the skin. When you trim, leave the fur about 1/2 an inch long.
Then trim the back part of the upper-rear legs and the underside of the tail leaving about 3 or 4 inches in length.
To keep your cat "entertained" during the procedure, you can give him/her a toy to play with or have another person help prevent the cat from making unexpected movements.
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Thanks so much for the info. It really helps a lot!
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My Himmie has the same problem and she absolutely hates being groomed! The only thing that I've found that some what works is if you have someone hold the cat and have their rear end pointing towards you. Have the person who helping you hold the tail so you don't accidently cut hair off of it. Then just clip the hair around the back of the thighs and around the bum with blunt scissors (just in case the cat is a bit jumpy...you won't cut her skin). It sounds pretty simple, but with my cat it's a big task. I've taken Tiki to a prof. groomer and they don't cut the hair enough to really help (eventhough I've told them how short I want her bum hair!). Since I've been doing this, she doesn't have any dingleberries hanging from her rump.LOL!
Hope this help you and best of luck with your Himmie!
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Thanks Shell~

We kinda did that last night. I trimmed both my male and females hair. All my husband kept saying is, "You need to go order those clippers". LOL

Thanks again.
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