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how much is best?

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Hi all i have a small issue

I have 3 cats....all nearly 2 years old.

Uptil now I just free feed them dry food throughout the day and split 1/2 a tin of wet food between them each day as well.

I am wondering if I should be more regimented in their eating now.

How much food is ok for these cats? the prob is all 3 are different weights

Cleo is small.....about 4kg....Tigger is about 6 and Sparky is 8kg

Hubby thinks sparky is too large but he isnt fat ...he is long and tall and just big

anyway i just wanted to know how much each cat should have if their diet is to consist of wet & dry food each day and how I can make sure each cat eats what it should..

I mean how can i ensure sparky eats his daily amount ...and the other two theirs considering they will all need different amounts
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I'd start giving them set portions rather then free feeding. Most cats gain too much as adults when free feeding and you really don't know how much each is eating.

I free feed kittens up to 5 months old - after that they get set amounts and are at the proper weights. Never had an overweight cat doing it this way. But have seen the results of what happens to adults who are allowed to do so!

You will have to monitor their food - maybe feed in separate rooms for awhile. My two get about 1/2 - 3/4 can of food per meal (split for 2 cats - so 1/4 - 1/3 each). They get about 1/2 cup of dry to nibble on in the morning. The canned is at night.
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Indoor cats don't need as much food as most of us think they do. Ramsay, who is 2 years old and 11lbs, only gets about 1/4 cup of dry food a day and a couple of dental treats. That's it. The vet said that is a good amount for him because any more than that and he starts to get a little chubby looking. Every cat is different though, so you have to figure out what amount will work to keep yours at a healthy weight. Just measure that out for them daily. I recommend separate bowls for each cat, and they'll work it out rather quickly most times. Just keep an eye on them for a while.
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The three of them and I have three bowls so they each have their own bowl.

For the last 2 days I have just given them one cup of dry food each day + 1/2 tin dry food between the 3 of them

they seem to be fine with this so I guess I will just stick to it.

its just different places give different amounts of food for cats so it becomes confusing

some say 1 cup / day some say more than that!

i was just getting confused but i will stick to one cup dry food and some wet each day unless i see they r needing more in which case i will just add a lil more dry food

xxx thnx 4 yr responses all
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