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Show question!

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I showed my Siamese, Lily, many times. Why is it that she made many All Breed finals but never ever made a specialty final? She even made a 3rd best in All Breed but not once made it into a specialty ring??
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Interesting question...

Usually it's the other way around, cat would make speciality finals not all breed....no answer I'm afraid - all I can say it that it's always up to the judge! I've had a few cats make Best AB Premier but not final
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Good question. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. However, you have to think of it this way - each ring is a different opinion. Some judges prefer one type of cat over another.

This last show Charlie was in, he finalled in 7 out of 8 rings. The ring he didn't get in, that judge has seen him in almost every other show - and has yet to put him in the finals. He just doesn't like him that much to put him in the finals....maybe one day

I took my cornish rex to a TICA show (one time) where they used the same judge to judge Specialty one day; Allbreed the next. Spooky did very well. The judge that did Specialty on Saturday didn't put him up....yet the next day doing Allbreed, she put him in the finals....now explain that one!

What association are you showing her - she's pretty
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Lily is CFA registered. There are only like 3 judges that take turns doing specialty here in Colorado it seems. 1 judge I have only seen judge specialty nothing else. Another I have only seen a couple times, only doing specialty. And the 3rd one, he is almost always a judge, occasionally doing specialty. Lily made an all breed final for him once (10th best),wait...she also got one 2nd best premier from him I think...but has never made his specialty. She only made 10th best after she granded.

I guess it does depend on the judge, and I also think it depends on the cats entered. It seems when the entries are lower Lily always did better making finals, but if the entries were higher she would not make finals. When there were more entries that almost always meant really good cats.
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That is true in almost every association - lower counts you do better, especially if you need points/finals for grand. And once you are grand you stand better chances in the finals.

We are struggling in CFA as the premier points are not a lot and they seem to pick the same cats instead of awarding more cats. So its harder to get finals. Charlie is from one of the top breeders in the US; but because we don't have a lot of CFA shows to go to, they don't final him often.

However in ACFA he has done really well - hopefully Granding in the next show in 2 weeks. Right now in ACFA (with last year's point count) he is about 25th for Regional and 49th for National wins - he has 2 more shows to go
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