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She is never full-what do I do?

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Tanzie, my sisters cat is always hungry it seems. She is 10 months old, a Siamese cat. She gets fed 1 and 1/2 scoops (a 1/4 cup is the scoop I use) 2 times a day. My Siamese cat (2 years 7 months) eats only 1 scoop 2 times a day and she is full between meals.

The problem is Tanzie always acts hungry. Even right after finishing (which, by the way, sometimes she doesnt finish it all) sometimes she will search the house for more food. She tries to get at the food container, she tries to get on the counters and eat the butter thats up there. She acts like a vacuum cleaner in the kitchen and everywhere else.

Is there anything I can get to put on her food to help fill her up? Like some kind of fiber supplement or something? She will eat until she throws up, I know she will, I have tried free feeding her.
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Sounds to me like she's looking for something different to eat. The same food all the time, every day, is no fun. Though almost full grown, at 10 months old Tanzie is still a kitten and growing, so she requires more calories than an adult cat.

Have you tried canned food for Tanzie? There are some high-quality foods available in various flavors that will satisfy her appetite and her need for variety.

Canned food is also better for cats than dry. Dry food is highly processed and most brands contain a high percentage of carbs, something cats don't need. A cat uses up lots of precious water trying to digest dry food. A steady diet of only dry food is suspected of contributing to urinary blockages and even kidney problems.

Tanzie would also probably really appreciate some fresh meat now and then.
Some bite -sized pieces of skinless chicken or turkey would most likely make her a very happy kitty!
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Oh yeah, I gave her some raw beef a few times, she LOVED it and ate it all. I might do that again. Wet food, well I know it is better for them, and my cats would love it if I only fed them that but sometimes wet food is too time consuming to feed for me when I have school. I might just suck it up and do it anyway.

I feed my cats Felidae (it's the brand I keep going back to), I think I might go searching for a food with more fiber in it. I switch foods with each bag of food. I have used Chicken Soup, Felidae, Pet promise, Natural Balance, Nutro and Newmans Own. I'm thinking about California Natural for the next bag, but I will have to be looking at fiber from now on I guess. Hmm, thanks for all the tips I have a lot to talk to my sister about now!
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Has the kitty been wormed recently?
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She might need 3 meals a day. Ocicats are very active too and I feed mine 3 times a day (2 of them kittens, the other just over a year)
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Try the canned in the evening if you don't have time in the morning. Siamese, rexes, etc. have 24/7 appetites and will try to con you into believing they are "starving" Believe me, I know - bred and showed cornish rexes and warn owners of any rex to NOT free feed them!

Siamese like attention too - so maybe its more of an attention thing rather then a food thing. But giving that much dry will make her fat in no time.
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Hmm, good ideas. I am going to try 3 meals a day. I am feeding canned in the mornings now, I am on spring break now so I can do it. I guess if I cant keep up with the canned in the mornings during school I will hopefully be able to give it in the afternoon.

The 3rd meal in the middle of the day, we will do it for as long as we can but some days we are not here in the middle of the day.

Tanzie loves attention, but Im not sure if that is it. She just finishes her food and then goes in the kitchen is a vacuum cleaner....
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What about a timed feeder so she can eat lots of small meals each day? Maybe eating less much more frequently will help. And you can still give her her one wet meal a day.

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Heres an update.

I have been feeding Tanzie 3 times a day and keeping the counters totally clean. We got a butter dish so no more butter out on the counter for any cat to eat.

This has been working wonders. Tanzie hasnt been on the counters in a loong time. She doesnt go running in the kitchen anymore meowing for food. She doesnt seem to beg anymore except when it's time to eat.

Now it seems I need to cut back on the amount I am feeding her. Today I fed her 1/8 a cup of food in the morning, she didnt finish it. I tried giving it to her for lunch and she wouldnt touch it. Then for dinner I added more so it was a 1/4 cup of food and she didnt finish that...Now I think I am feeding her too much!

Tomorrow I am going to give her a little (less then 1/8 cup) breakfast and then skip lunch and then give 1/8 cup for dinner. Then hopefully the next day she will be back to her normal appetite.
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