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Sparkey is home!

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Sparkey is here at his new and furrever home! He seems to be verry happy to be here, he is purring and mewing up a storm and I am likely to get bruised from the headbumps I am getting.

The folks at the SPCA said he developed a sneeze yesterday, so they have him on antibiotic drops (Clavamox) for the next few days just in case he was getting a cold. He has to be isolated from the other cats until the antibiotic is finished. This should be, er, interesting...

He is such a handsome guy, but he needs to put on a little weight. I can feel all his vertebrae, and his hips are a little too prominent. He is climbing all over me, talking incessently, rubbing and head butting and making bread. I would say he is very happy to be here!

As for the home team's reaction to the new kitty on the block: Blondie has had a chub-tail since we got home. Lil is spitting at everyone. Max is sticking a paw under the door and mewing and acts like I am trying to keep her from a favorite toy. Everyone else is pretty mellow about it.
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Hey Sue

I'm glad Sparkey is adjusting so well... it sounds like he's thrilled to have gone home with you. What a good kitty mommy you are for taking him in.
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I had brought a cat carrier with me to the SPCA to bring him home; the vet tech said that when she opened it, he RAN into it! As soon as he saw me he started meowing, it was so sweet. I got headbumps all the way home in the car through the sides of the carrier

He's curled up under the dresser fast asleep right now. I guess it was too much excitement!
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So is this #11 now?

Lucky kitty is getting a great family!
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aww congratulations!

kiss and scritch her for me!
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He sounds like a great kitty! I'm so glad he found a fur-ever home with you. Post some pics when you can!
:flash: :rainbow: :flash: :rainbow:
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how sweet. i am so happy for you and sparky!
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Take a picture please
I want to see the new little guy

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So, are you sleeping on the couch these days, or have the cats taken that over too?
Congrats on the new arrival!!
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Oh how nice. Sparky will certainly never be lonely again. Have you picked out a new name yet?
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The poor guy does indeed have a cold. He is sniffling and sneezing, although it hasn't dampened his personality! He's on Clavamox twice daily, and actually doesn't give me much trouble taking it. He's going to my vet tonight to make sure he doesn't need more than that. Of course, he is still isolated from the other cats, so I don't end up with a houseful of sneezers. I can't even imagine trying to give 11 cats a dose of medicine twice a day!

I gave him a "bath" today with dry cat shampoo and then a good brushing, he looks so very handsome! I will take pictures very soon, I promise.

As far as names, we are now leaning towards Pooka (Irish mythological mischevious animal spirit)and Banshee (for how loud he meows, LOL). No decision yet.
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Pooka is a cute name. He kinda looks like a Pooka to me. We will need pictures of course when he is all cleaned up and feeling better.
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Sparkey's got a little temperature, but his eyes are clear. Vet says this is just a garden variety cold and will run its course in a few days. Poor guy has to stay isolated for 5-7 days more though, so the other cats don't catch it.

He weighs 10 lbs, which is more than I thought he would. Feline Leuk and FIV tests came back negative. So a few more days in solitary here in the computer room, and then let the mayhem begin!

He was such a good guy at the vet, the doctor and techs were way impressed. He let them take blood without a fuss, and was head-bumping everyone in sight.
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Sparky sounds like a real doll. I'm sure he's pretty darn happy to have a mommy like you now! I bet his new brothers and sisters will be won over by his charm pretty quickly.
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It's funny, the girls are much more interested in him that the boys. Max, Silver and Pan keep lurking in front of the closed door and sticking paws underneath to say hi. Lilith is still grumbling, but no more hissing. The guys couldn't care less, since they now know he's not a threat. Yawn.
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