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My Sister has been offered 2 Guinea Pigs She needs advice!!!

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She has 2 Cats a Rat and a Guinea Pig. She is afraid if she dosent say yes they will go to the Pound. She lives in a 1 Bedroom Apartment. Should she take them. She is thinking of taking them and finding them a home later on.
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If she is planning on rehoming them herself, then take them. IMO its better then to take to the HS.
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Be sure she knows what to feed them. When I was young, we were given a couple of guinea pigs who I know realize we fed wrong, resulting in their eventual demise.
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I understand garlic and onion goes well. Ha ha, just kidding, but I did see an Anthony Bourdain show, where whatever country he was visiting ate guinea pigs all the time. wish I would have remembered where it was. darn
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If she feels she can handle taking care of all those animals, then go for it. Just keep the two new piggies seperated from the resident piggie for about a week to make sure there aren't any diseases the new piggies will spread to the resident - watch for sneezing, coughing or itching and/or hair loss. These can be signs of respiratory problems, or mites.
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Hi, I am on my sister's name and thought I would reply myself instead of her relaying the message. I know what to feed the guineas since I already have one. She just turned a year old and I believe the other two are around the same age. I am just afraid of getting two more since that will make a total of 6 pets in my little apt and not sure if my apt will approve. These little piggies are at my b/fs mom's house. She let her daughter pick them up from somewhere else around Dec. They realized that they take more responsiblity then they though. I have done a lot of research online to make sure my piggy gets the best and right stuff for her. I just want them to find a secure home and someone that is going to treat them correctly and I know I will. I guess we will see how things goes. BTW...they eat these little guys in Peru! Poor things.
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If your sister is also located in CA, there are a lot of really great guinea pig rescues around, such as Cavy Spirit in San Mateo.

Otherwise you can post onto the Guinea Pig Cages forum, where there are a ton of helpful people (many of whom run their own rescues or help with no-kill shelters) that would gladly help her out.

Good luck!
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My Sister got her Pig from a Rescue in San Mateo County. I was with her when she Adopted her a year ago. She was here tonight and told me she wants to try to keep them. Her Bfs family didnt relize they are hard work.
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In that case, I'm glad they found a happy home and assume she already knows about the aforementioned websites
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She does. Her Pig is named Rouge and is a year old.
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Well your sister needs to make a firm decision on whether or not she will rehome them - then she won't have to worry about if the apartment allows it. Plan on getting them healthy and rehoming in a month or however long it takes.

If she goes with the thought of rehoming, then its only a temporary thing.
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My Sister did take the Pigs. She showed me them to me on Web Cam. She is going to keep them.
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