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Nausea advice - vet now or in the morning?

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My one and a half year old cat Tonks had a hairball this morning. This is nothing new, as he has fairly long fur. Afterwards he vomited up what he'd eaten of his breakfast (he always forgets that he's eating and wanders off unless you constantly move the bowl along with him.) He was fine for a few hours and jumped up on the couch with me, his headacheyowner, and lay at my feet for a while. Eventually I felt better so I sat up and put my feet in something smelly and wet. He'd vomited again, this time a little more of his food, some hair, and mostly a lot of liquid. I cleaned it up and went in search of him. He was hiding under the futon in my husband's office with vomit on the front of his chest. Other than the vomit he seemed fine--ticked off, not liking to be touched (but then he's very particular about how we interact with him) but not hunched over, panting, or anything that would indicate that he is severely ill. We put some water by him to keep him from getting dehydrated and left him alone for a while. When we checked on him again maybe forty-five minutes to an hour later, he was still under there, not drinking the water, and drooling on himself. I gave him some water in a dropper which he was none to keen on drinking. I tried giving him a treat, which he sniffed at but didn't otherwise react to. He's alert and able to walk and jump just fine.

We don't think that he could have gotten into anything questionable, as all our cleaning products are locked up and he was in sight of either my husband or me all morning and afternoon. He eats wet food so I'm a little worried that it might be food poisoning, but our other cat eats the exact same food (we split a can between them for each meal) and he's doing just fine. His stomach is gurgling. He hasn't had diarrhea, and as far as I can recall we heard him use the litter box in the early afternoon.

My question is, would you advise taking him to the emergency vet right now, or does it sound like it would be acceptable to just moniter him and continue to give him water and try to feed him as he'll take it?
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Thats what Stormy did the day before she was Pts only she couldnt walk. Her Kidneys were gone. I would go to the Er Vet just to make sure he is ok.
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I'd probably call the ER vet--many of them will tell you whether you should come in or whether you should wait. Do you have a thermometer at home? I'd also take his temperature--a fever could cause him to not feel well.
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Just remember, tomorrow is Easter so it might be even more difficult to get a vet to come in tomorrow if they're out of town with family.

Cats have the best timing for emergencies don't they?

that he just has an upset tummy.

If all is well, it might be a good idea to make sure he is combed more and gets some hairball gel. If there's no fever maybe you can lure him into eating a little tuna (in water)?
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Thanks everyone, we just got in from the emergency vet. The prognosis was good, though he was running a slight fever. They gave him some fluids and they assured us that they'll be open tomorrow if he gets worse. He's now home and cowering on my bed, but he's been walking around some as well.

Thanks again!
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I am glad he will be ok. What do they think he has?
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