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Question about age, wet food, & tartar buildup

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So, I adopted Matilda on October 3, 2007. The petfinder listing said she was 9 months old (she had only been on petfinder for a week), and when I adopted her the paperwork said her birthday was "04/01/07" which would mean she was only 6 months old when I adopted her.

There is no way that she was 6 months old when I adopted her. She already weighed 8 lbs and looked like a full grown adult cat. I took her to my vet a week after I adopted her and my vet looked at her teeth. She agreed that there was no way Matilda was only 6 months old, and that based on her teeth she was "at least a year old, maybe even 2. Definitely a young cat though"

She said this was b/c there was some tartar buildup and one of her front teeth is chipped. She said this tartar buildup could also just be from eating a lot of wet food.

So I looked online for more information about cat's teeth/age: and found:
which basically says:
*2-4 weeks, deciduous (baby) incisors coming in
*3-4 weeks, deciduous (baby) canines coming in
*4-6 weeks, deciduous (baby) premolars coming in on lower jaw
*8 weeks, all deciduous (baby) teeth are in
*3.5-4 months, permanent incisors coming in
*4-5 months, permanent canines, premolars, and molars coming in
*5-7 months, all permanent teeth in by 6 months
*1 year, teeth white and clean
*1-2 years, teeth may appear dull with some tartar build-up (yellowing) on back teeth
*3-5 years, teeth show more tartar build-up (on all teeth) and some tooth wear
*5-10 years, teeth show increased wear and disease; pigment visible on gums
*10-15 years, teeth are worn and show heavy tartar build-up; some teeth may be missing.

I am inclined to think that the adoption center wrote her birthdate wrong, that it should have been "01/04/07" instead of "04/01/07" and that's where they got the 9 months from.

So my question: could a younger cat (younger than 2) show a lot of tartar build-up if they ate predominantly wet food? I don't know what she used to eat because I know nothing of her old home. I know that the whole "dry food cleaning the teeth" thing is not well-supported and I'm not asking if dry food for teeth.... I'm just trying to figure out how old my baby is. Is it uncommon for a 10-month-old cat to have tartar buildup?

I know it doesn't matter how old she is, I'm just so curious!
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Some cats are prone to getting tartar earlier and more persistently than others, so she could still be young and genetically predisposed to tartar build up. I would start trying to get into a toothpaste/brushing routine earlier, as that will help.
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I think you're the one with the cat named Matilda who was kind of stand off-ish? Or at least you had problems getting her to lay in your lap and be cuddly like most people want their cats to be? (I could be mistaking you with someone else. )

I agree, brush her teeth if you can. But you can always try dental treats too - I recently found a vet that had the CET ones. They work great for getting Sho's teeth clean. So,so for Tomas's, but then he doesn't really chew anything.
They also make a gel type rinse that looks interesting and the nozzle/lid looks like it would make it easy to squirt into a cat's mouth (maybe I can talk the vet into ordering me some? )
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We had some cats in the rescue recently which were taken from a hoarder situation. These were young cats, but due to poor nutrition and health, their teeth were bad and a vet or anyone looking would have guessed them at much older.
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^Good point. And in those sort of situations, if there's any inbreeding, bad genetics are more likely to be obvious.
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