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Comments/advice regarding Daisy's and Venus' diets

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i am really glad to have found this website, and i can learn more and more about kitty care, etc. i really thank God i discovered the Meowhoo.com, which is a sister website. They referred me to this website.

i grew up with dogs and other animals. In fact, when i was a child, i thought everyone's home is like a zoo as well: we had rabbits, white mice, fish, birds, dogs, guinea pigs at home. It was not until i visited my neighbor's home that i realized it was just my family whose home resembles a zoo! Hehe!

i live in San Francisco, California.

Several years ago, i started feeding several cats outside my backyard. After many months later, i decided to adopt a cat, then two. Now, i have Daisy (20 months) and Venus (4 months/deaf.) They are both white kitties.

Okay, their diet schedules goes like this:

When i wake up in the mornings, i will clear all their dishes (4 in total - 1 water, 1 for dried foods, 2 for wet foods) and their two place mats.

By now, they will be scrambling excitedly here-there.

After vacuuming their food area, i will place two clean place mats, followed by a bowl of clean water (changed twice daily), then open two cans of fancy feast wet foods (normally a fish and chicken flavor.) By now, they are eating happily (at least i wish they are happy.. smiles.) i also give them a dish of dried foods. i used to give Daisy two combinations of wellness (salmon and lite chicken), but now, i add on the kitty foods as well.

i used to separate their diets, but gave up after they kept eating off each other's dishes. So, now, i combined their dried foods.

For the fancy feasts, they now have: tuna flaked feast, fish and shrimp flaked feast (favorite), grilled chicken feast (favorite), chuncky chicken feast (they don't like this), ocean whitefish feast in aspic seafood filets, ocean whitefish and tuna feast, sardine, shrimp & crab feast in aspic, ocean fish flaked feast, and chicken and tuna flaked feast.

About two hours after their breakfast, i will replenish another can, so forth - - in total about 5 cans a day.

The dried foods stay all day long, and water is changed at 6pm.

Please let me know whether i am at the right track, and whether anything can be changed or improved?

i fear that my lack of experience in cat care might result in overfeeding or something like that. Also, i am looking into supplements (or should i?) i have been reading n researching a lot on the internet (that is how i found about using theworld'sbestcatlitter so as not to "poison" my kitties) about cat care. However, there is no specific advice?!?!

By the way, the seven kitties outside get a combination of 4 dried foods every day (with fresh water.)

We all thank you in advance!

Please, ANY advice, is appreciated, as i hope to prolong my kitties lives as long as i can.

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I think you should maybe cut back on the wet food a bit. It may become a problem over time. If you hare feeding dry food and leaving it for them to nibble, you might want to offer them a can in the morning and a can at night. I don't feed wet food to my guys, but there should be a feeding guideline in the can of wet food. You really don't want to go over what they recomend. You also should take into consideration the dry food intake. It's so much harder to take the weight off of them when it becomes unhealthy.
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I agree with Sandie. I feed my guys wet in the morning, and then late at night. Although Fancy Feast does have smaller cans than most other brands, 5 cans a day is a bit to much IMO. The dry food, I used to leave down all day, but I don't do that anymore. It only stays down at night. During the day time they have three periods of 45 min. each where they can eat dry. At 10:00 p.m. I put the dry down and leave it until 7:00 a.m. It seems to work for me
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Thanks, Sandie!

On the label of the can, it reads 1 can per 3 lbs.

i guess possibly i was overdoing.. ulps... this is the way i calculated:

Daisy: About 10-11 lbs (3 cans)

Venus: Kitten - 2 lbs (1 X 2) -- the label said to double the amount for kitten.

Oh... possibly i am overfeeding? They seem to enjoy it so much!

My hubby just bought another 4 dozens each of grilled chicken and fish and shrimp feast (i have to call to order from Target).. by the way, here in San Francisco, the prices are really varied!!

Petco - $0.60
Pet Source - $0.60
B&B Pet Supplies - $0.49
K Mart/Target - $0.39

At Target, they don't really have a lot of the flavors in stock, i have to call them to order them for me, and i bulk a lot at one go.

Also, i am mixing the THREE wellness TOGETHER to feed them. Whether it is bad or good, i am not sure. i just want them to eat some of each, as i heard this is supposedly good for kitties. (It smells really good anyway.)

Thanks, Sandie, again for your advice. You know, i have been waiting and waiting for some sort of response, and am so happy somebody actually did!! Hehe! Smiles!

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Mixing all 3 foods is fine I think even the recomended feeding is a bit much, especially if you offer them dry food. Most cats when fed wet food from the start will prefer it over the dry, which is why they enjoy it so much.
I would maybe try what Hissy does. OH, and as long as the kitten is eating food designed for kittens, it's not a problem. You will just want to keep an eye on Daisy's weight until Venus is old enough for adult.
I would have replied yesterday, but I was BEAT and didn't get a chance to get onto the site. I am glad to see you are concerned about doing the best for them
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I noticed you really have to look at the individuality when it comes to feeding cats.

As an example, the food that my cat Nakita is eating recommends that a 4 - 5 pound cat eat almost a cup of dry food per day. I'm lucky if Nakita eats 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food a day! Plus, she gets maybe a tablespoon of wet food once a day. She barely eats that!

So the recommended amounts aren't necessarily the right amount for all cats. They are only rough guidelines to follow.

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Heartfelt thanks extended to Kass, Sandie and Mary Anne once again!

To be honest, behind my mind, i know i am spoiling them a tad too much.


They are my babies!! i guess i really need to do what is BEST for them, not what they THINK is best for them.. hehe!!

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