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constipation and colonoscopy

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My 7-month old Pix is still having bowel issues. She's been on Z/D for over a month. After the gradual switch, she seemed fine. But now, she's not going, and when she does go, it's mucous and blood. I took her to the vet Thursday and the vet gave her sub-q fluids and perscribed more lactulose. Also said to feed her more wet. I was feeding about two tablespoons mixed with water a day until then. So the last two days I've been giving her more wet. And a tiny bit of olive oil, since I was told that softens stool. But she's reluctant to eat it (I have to coax her), not even the dry, and she's not drinking much. She doesn't seem to want to play and seems really down. Although she does get up every once in a while to look out the window, or sit on my lap. But she definitely is not playing like she was.

I'm at my wits end. I feel horrible for this kitty, and my vet doesn't seem to think it's much of an issue. She just keeps telling me to feed the Z/D. She did make a call to a Veternary Hospital who does colonoscopies. Has anyone had to do this for their young cat? I am so nervous about it. I think I should take her to another vet and start over with another opinion.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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A colonoscopy sounds pricey, but it would likely be more definitive and in the long run may save money if that can find the cause (and save your kitten). You said this is offered by another veterinary hospital, why not get the second opinion there?

I hope that you can find a cause and solution soon.
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It certainly can't hurt to get a second opinion. I would be very concerned if it were my cat as well, so I don't think you are overreacting.
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I'm not sure if this veterinary hospital is a regular vet, or just a surgeon. So I don't know if they give second opinions, per se. But, they do require all their records and a case history beforehand.

If the colonoscopy is more definitive, then I'd be ok with whatever the cost. At this point, I just want to give my kitty some relief and determine a prognosis. This 'wait and see' approach just doesn't seem to be working.

Thanks for reading, and for the good vibes. We can use it.
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Surely they would double check before just preceding to a colonoscopy? Maybe someone there is more familiar with what your cat is going through.

It can't hurt to call Monday.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Surely they would double check before just preceding to a colonoscopy? Maybe someone there is more familiar with what your cat is going through.

It can't hurt to call Monday.
that was exactly my concern when we were with the vet Thursday. I defintely don't want to take her for this procedure without someone giving another opinion. Whether it's this new vet, or another vet.

Yesterday, Pix started eating more, and had a one good BM. She ate good this morning, so hopefully this is turning around. But I'm still worried, so I'm going to call today and see what the options are.
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You mentioned that your cat has only been on the allergy diet for four weeks. An allergy trial must last eight weeks to determine anything, so your vet is right in saying to keep with it. And make sure that your cat is eating nothing else but that (no treats). If you have been breaking the diet, the eight weeks must start again.

If you get to eight weeks and the condition doesn't improve, then you should explore other options.

My cat had a colonoscopy last year, to get answers regarding colitis symptoms he was having (the mucus and blood you describe are two classic symptoms of colitis). Colitis can be caused by many different things, including allergic reactions and cancer (both of which can be detected by colonoscopy). If colitis isn't short lived and doesn't respond to the normal first-step solutions, I think it's important to go ahead with the colonoscopy.

In my cat's case, it ruled out allergy and cancer, and gave a definitive diagnosis of ulcerative colitis.

Though it's an unpleasant procedure for the cat, and he may have to be hospitalized overnight depending on the hospital's schedule and the time it takes for sedation, etc., it's a fairly simple, non-surgical procedure.
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She hasn't been eating anything else except Z/D wet and dry, moreso the wet in the last week.

4 more weeks of her straining and passing blood? I'm not sure I can bare it. Or her.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
It certainly can't hurt to get a second opinion. I would be very concerned if it were my cat as well, so I don't think you are overreacting.
& for your baby on their way!
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Has your vet done any blood tests? I'm so sorry your kitty is going through this. Jordan has had problems with constipation and it is no fun. I know that the lactulose is not fun, but are you giving it consistantly? For Jordan, when I first started giving it to him it upset his tummy, but with consistant use his system got better. I would say if your cat is not acting right and you feel your vet is not listening then it is time for a second opinon.
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Though it can be scary to see, the blood and mucus in the stool aren't causing the cat much discomfort. As I understand it, with colitis a cat usually only experiences discomfort while going to the bathroom; at other times they usually act and feel pretty normal.

Constipation is something else, though. Maybe you can ask your vet if you can add some canned pumpkin to the cat's diet without interfering with the allergy trial. (Generally speaking cats haven't been exposed to pumpkin, so it's probably not the allergen.) Canned pumpkin (make sure it's plain, with no spices) can be very helpful with all of the symptoms your cat is experiencing. You mix one tablespoon into wet food a day. The extra fiber and moisture help regularity and ease colitis symptoms as well.
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Thanks for the vibes and suggestions.

The last time she was constipated, we tried pumpkin, but it didn't seem to work. Although, I think I only tried it a few times. She also has gotten blood tests, which came out normal. She also had an X-Ray, which didn't show anything. (That was about 6 weeks ago)

I do give her 5ml of Lactulose twice a day for the last week. This is her second time taking lactulose. She only vomited once over the weekend. I am not sure why. It's difficult to give it to her 3 times a day, but I do try. I usually need my husband to help me, and it's tough to get him out of bed at 2 am! But I will if I need to.

I am just worried that all this straining is causing her pain, or perhaps cause further damage to her insides.

Today, the vet suggested a few things: another x-ray or colonoscopy and ultrasound. Also, giving her more sub-q fluids.

She said we could also try doing an enema tomorrow. I am very nervous about this, but I've looked through some threads and saw that some people have done this for their cats with success.

Has anyone ever had to go this route?
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When Jordan's problems all started the vet did have to give him an enema. I've never done it myself and would much rather it be done at a vets office. Jordan's whole colon was full & the stool was starting to double up at the top. So he had to have one. I do not think I would try to do it myslef, but I don't have a problem having a vets office give an enema. For Jordan it worked right away, I just would not want to clean that mess up in my own house.
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I also think that's better done by the vet.

My cat had to have one before the colonoscopy (this is fairly common).
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Yes, the vet will be doing the enema tomorrow morning. So fingers crossed this helps my little one.
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have you thought of or considered feeding a raw diet?
remember that cats are carnivores and not made for processing grains.
vibes for your kitty
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Yes, I've thought about it. But at this point I feel like I am at the mercy of the Vet. I'm afraid that switching her to a raw diet, or even any other food will just cause her system more harm. I'm afraid that's what caused all this to start with.
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Sometimes colitis is caused by parasites and bacteria, things like giardia or salmonella. So I agree, introducing raw food would not be a good idea.

After my cat had the enema and colonoscopy, his symptoms mysteriously disappeared for a short while. The vet said that sometimes they see this... the flushing out of the system seems to solve the problem for some cats, because it clears everything out and allows the colon irritation to subside.
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hi everybody !
does the vet gives anestesia to the cat before making the enema... ???
my cat has been trying to poo for 3 days now and i've been giving 2ml parafin oil daily, today there was no change and i took him to the vet, he gave him a shot that would help him and other syrup.
he tried to do the enema but could not do it. cat would not let him
i asked him if he would give her anestesia and he said he prefers not and i shall wait till tomorrow to see if he poos. he said that anestesia and then the waking up shot take a lot of fluids from the cat and wont be able to perform.
is a rural vet so we do not have all technology, just an old x-ray which from experience i know you cannot see well the stomach/intestines with its prints.
i do not think he has the equipment to do colonoscopy
i am desesperated, this has been a tough year for me (cat related)
we do not have canned pumpkin here... and pumpkins are not in season.

any hopes?
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Jordan was given light sedation for the enema, they tried without but he wouldn't even let them clip his claws that night. It was still a struggle but with light sedation he did just fine.
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If you can't get pumpkin where you are, how about squash?
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Wow ! I have great news !!
He just pooped, with a little bit of my help, i had to squeeze a little bit down there to pull the first one, then the others followed. apparently it was too wide or maybe going other direction beside the little way out, for what appeared to me down there, not a nice position for him or me, sorry for the description, but maybe it can help other cats, just a little help down there when trying to go...
The syrup that i got today is called Hepadog: Sorbitol, lysine, extracts of 5 plants (Kinkéliba, Cynara, Orthosiphon, Rosmarino, Boldo)
Well. I wish with all my heart that all constipated kitties will be free of that pain and discomfort ! In general, I wish all kitties in the world will be healty and strong ! !
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Pix is at the vet right now getting an enema. She is being put under sedation to get the procedure done, and might have to stay overnight if the vet doesn't get it all. The vet is also going to take blood for allergy tests.

She also told me that the surgeon who would do the colonoscopy doesn't think it would be very definitive, because the camera wouldn't get far enough up to see everything, whereas surgery through the belly would be able to take tissue samples of the colon and small intestines, as well as see if there are any other abnormalities with the colon. Both vets agree that this would be more definitive and offer a diagnosis.

I'm hoping the allergy tests show something, so that we can avoid surgery for now, and focus on fixing her diet. If her diet is causing all of this, then it seems like we just need to find her the right combinations of foods.

I still have questions for the vet and will likely ask her ears off when I call later to see how Pix is doing. So much information and so many options.......

ronit, I hope your kitty feels better, soon, too. I know how terrible it is to watch them try to go with no results. My vet is kind of rural, too, so the colonoscopy and ultrasounds have to be done by a different hospital.
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Hi Typix !
I wish Pix to get better soon ! and that the vet will manage to take it all so your kitty can be with you overnight..

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If the specialty vet is recommending surgery before colonoscopy, I'm surprised. You want to try the less-invasive test first, before doing surgery.
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Well, we seem to be putting the breaks on surgery talk for today. She's getting the enema, and will have to stay overnight. She's also getting allergy tests, so I am hoping that the results show something that will help us to determine what type of diet she needs, and what types to avoid.

I have read that for chronically constipated cats, a low fiber diet is better.The less stool being made, the less to get bound up, right?

Unless of course, the constipation is caused by the colitis (or vice-versa), in which case, I guess I'm back to square one, not knowing what to do.

But hopefully she'll get some relief and be on the road to recovery and we can figure out what to do.
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Got some strange news from the vet tonight. They sedated Pix and gave her the enema. However, what they found was that she didn't have hardly any stool inside her. She was filled with mucous. The amount of stool in her was about as big as a fingernail. The rest of it was mucous and towards the top of her colon, a gelatin like substance. The vet said she had never seen anything like that before.

Some of the results of the bloodwork were very strange too. She mentioned many different 'levels' of things that contradicted some of the symptoms she was having. The vet also said her urine was very strong becuse she was not peeing. But yet, she's not dehydrated. She also has swollen lymph nodes.

The bad news is that it could be FIP or cancer. If there's any good news at all, is that she could still have allergies, but the vet suggests first getting a biopsy of her colon and intestines, so she can test for everything.

This is just so devistating and I feel horrible that she has to go through this. I just pray that she is okay.
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Is there the possiblity of a kink or blockage somewhere in the intestines? Though that might show up easily..
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I hope both your Cats feel better. My Poor Coco screams sometimes because she gets Constipated. I tried to get her to eat more Canned food but she prefers the dry. she does drink enough water. I am using lax'aire.
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Originally Posted by typix View Post
This is just so devistating and I feel horrible that she has to go through this. I just pray that she is okay.
I'm so sorry your going through all of this. What ever decisions you make please listen to your gut instinct. My vet was insisting on exploritory surgeory & biopsy for Jordan. Something inside me said not to do it. For him I was right. I can't tell you it would be right or wrong for your cat, I'm just saying listen to your heart and your head and you will make the right decision. I'll be praying for you. It is so hard when they are so sick. I truly hope that it is not FIP or cancer.
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