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I finally did it! (claw trimming)

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I'm so happy (not to mention i feel very complete lol) Before we moved Charlie had his very first mani/pedi at the vet as we noticed him being indoors, he still wasn't using the logs enough in his enclosure. We've been here two months now, and he goes out every once and a while on the harness. But he doesn't scratch, as the harness needs adjustment and he just sort of half wanders/half lays down atm.

So yesterday i ventured out and bought some kitty claw trimmers (scissor, not guillotine) and when i got home he decided to jump on my bed and stretch his front paws out and start making biscuits. I got THREE claws in one go, before he got annoyed and wandered off. Two more attempts, and i did EVERY single claw, front and back. Of course when i did one thumb he nipped me (only gently), i didn't cut the quick, but the thumbs are SO fiddly! (or is it just me?). Later that night he was all cute and being silly upside down on the couch, and i managed the second thumb.

So now my baby doesn't tap dance down the hall floorboards anymore, and he can claw all he likes at my precious doona cover

9 years and this is the second trimming he's ever had, because he spent 8 or those years running around the neighbourhood looking after them himself, instead of on the furniture.

Sorry for the rant, i just feel extremely proud that i could do it without cutting too far, and him not meowing once (actually he purred through part of it, and i didn't even get him when he was sleepy!). I never thought i could do it by myself. Mission accomplished! I can now give him regular beauty treatments

Now i just have to train him to not poop over the edge of the tray! Lmao.
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That's great But try to start training him to sit in your lap and you hold him and get all the nails done. Check about once a week and trim as necessary.

BTW cat's retract the claws, so running around outside will not really wear them down. I'm surprised at his cooperativeness being that old and never really getting them cut - they must have been like little daggers
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That's great! One of mine has to be held while crying throughout but otherwise doesn't struggle, one of them hates it and has to be crept up on while asleep to do a few at a time, and the other is purring putty in my hands whatever I do to him! It's just a case of finding which method works best for you, all of my cats have their claws trimmed regularly either in a session, or a paw at a time by stealth
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Yay for the clipping!
When I clip my Tohru's nails, I put her on her back in my lap, like a little baby. She'll try to get away, because playing is ofcourse much more interesting, but she's doesn't put much energy into the escape attempt, so I can always hold her down.
The thumbs are always hardest to clip, but there also always the sharpest (they always look like little glass needles). Anyway, afterwards I always give her some treats, which is probably one of the reasons she lets me do it.
I clipped Baileys nails for the first time this week, he wasn't too fond it. But that's nothing compared to clipping the nails of my two bunnies, lol. They just won't sit still!
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It wasn't until I joined this site that I realized people actually have problems trimming their cats claws! I've been trimming claws since I was a child to keep from getting scratched (getting scratched in the eye taught me the importance of trimming the back ones too). I always kept at it till the cats knew it just had to be done. Ever argue with a cat?

Glad you manage to get Charlie's trimmed, hopefully as you do this more often you can both get into the routine of it and it's just another part of petting/grooming.
And I agree, sometimes it's difficult to get those thumbs at a good angle.
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i started trimming chloes while she slept as a baby. i usually dont have any trouble doing hers.
patchy is another story and a 2 person job. she doesnt even like for someone to touch her paws!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
BTW cat's retract the claws, so running around outside will not really wear them down. I'm surprised at his cooperativeness being that old and never really getting them cut - they must have been like little daggers

Hr yes but being an outdoor kitty for 8 years and not getting his nails trimmed is because of all the climbing and scratching he did, so being outdoors kept his nails at a good length
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here's my experience - Cable sits quietly, lets me clip, no complaints, no problems [this after she squalled & squirmed as a kitten!].
Java doesn't complain, but she wants to stick her head between mine & the clippers.
Firefox is a pain! growls the whole time, actually hissed at me when i was applying the soft claws [her first time for these!]. & i've been handling her feet since day 1!
the other 2 are declawed, so i don't mess with them. i do check Pixel's one claw that's grown back, but it's doing ok w/no clipping.
i use the scissors type, too - easier for me to handle than the guillotine ones.
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Congrats! Chester got his clipped today too, and he's fussy about his thumbs as well!
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Way to go So wonderful he didn't give you a hard time
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Strange wings - I'm like you - I have very little trouble trimming nails on any cat - even those of friends who say "I can't do it - cat won't sit still". I tell them give me the cat. I prop them up on my lap, take the clippers and do them in a few mins.

They are amazed - cats are confused as no one "made" them sit there and they don't know what to do about it. Its more about taking control of the situation. Cats are smart - they know how to bluff the owners. They don't know how to bluff the strangers

My worse cat to clip nails was a turkish angora - took me 2 days to do him - but I would be the one in control - not him.
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