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Auto Feeder

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Last night, we purchased a programmable autofeeder.
Nova likes to eat earlier than I would like to get up.

She hits me (with her claws out) to get me to wake up.
She doesn't scratch or break my skin, but it's enough to scare me if I've been in a deep snooze.

So we tried the auto feeder and...
This morning, Nova did not abuse me for her breakfast!

This is only our first day using this thing but I really like it so far.
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Thats cool! To be honest, at first I thought of a printer when I read auto feeder............
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I've been using one for the past two or three years, because Jamie demands his breakfast at 5 a.m.. That's fine on weekdays, but I really like to sleep longer on weekends. It's a very good investment, IMO.
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That is a great story! Congrats! I also know someone who got an automatic feeder since the cat was annoying and rude, it worked, their rudeness and acting out was no longer directed at them, but rather the feeder. I soak my cats kibble in water and mix with wet before serving so the automatic feeder doesn't work for our needs. But I wish it did!
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