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Yay... New Frisky Feline here.

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Hello. My name is Marni Jo. Obviously, I am a cat lover as well as you do...

I have a two furry boys. The first I adopted a black and white cat in Aug 2000 and his name is Tavish the EightBall. Three days later after I adopted Tavish, I adopted the other red one that looks like tabby and his name is Jude the Little Red.

They both are two years old..

I am looking forward to getting know each of you who loves cats like i do. see you around.. then!!

p.s. Anne, thank you for straighen out my account. *whew-Meow*
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Hi girl!! glad to see you in here, the people here are wonderful!
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Hey, Val.. I ll take my time to read around here first.

Thanks!! MJ
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Hi Marni Jo - just wanted to welcome you.

Tavish and Jude sound adorable... we love kitty pictures, so feel free to post them.

Hope you enjoy your time here.
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I ve tried to post the picture of size 400 x 400 but it said that it is too big. :puzzle:

Tavish the EightBall and Jude the Little Red. Jude isn't small anymore. He was given the name Little Red by the lady who took care of the homeless cats and kitten. Jude arrived at her shelter and he was sooo tiny one!! I gave Tavsih nn EightBall then i took Tavish in the early morning on sat from outside as he was a feral. I brought him straightly to the vet. Then Vet asked me what is his name. I had to make up and gave a name for him.. But i ve decided to give them proper names. SIlly me!

I ll give it a try with the link then.

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hello and welcome!
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Hi there Marni Jo and Welcome. I love that last photo looks they have posed for that one. Beautiful Cats. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I do, some great people here.
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Welcome to the site Marni Jo! What beautiful kitties you have! Thanks for posting their pics, we all love kitty pics.

I look forward to getting to know you and your two boys on the site!
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Your cats look very happy to have each other!!

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome! This site is indeed very addicting!

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Hi from one newbie to another and welcome. Pics available?
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Hi Marni Jo!!

Just wanna say welcome!!

i am joining this website, and hope you feel very soon!!

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