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Help! Cat won't go on Nozorb litter!

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My cat was diagnosed with a UTI over a week ago and I have tried and tried... I can't get my cat to go on the Nozorb litter the vet gave me! It's been a week since the vet and he refuses to use the tray with it in there. Anybody have any ideas?

Also, He has been on the antibiotics and special food for over a week for his UTI and is urinating fine. The only trouble is he is urinating on the curtains, on a pile of laundry, the couch, just wherever he feels like it as well as the litterbox. How long will it take before he gets back to normal bathroom habits? Or should I buy stock in Nature's Miracle?
I am trying very hard to be patient but it's starting to get on my nerves a little bit.

Thank you!
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yeah, our furbabies can be picky about litter, can't they? is there a reason you have to use this litter? will he go on regular litter? if the former, then i have no suggestions if he won't go in regular litter either, then i recommend the Cat Attract litter or litter additive for retraining to a box - worked well for me! i can get it locally at my Petsmart.
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Hi! Yes, I just need him to go in the Nozorb once. It is a special litter the vet gives so that when the cat urinates in it, you can take the dropper and suction it out. Then he can test the urine and see if it has crystals etc. If he won't go in the special litter, I will have to bring him back in to see if the vet can get some urine. I'm just trying to do it the easy way.

I think I may try the Cat Attract to try to get him to go only in the litter box. I guess he is still in some discomfort and going everywhere is his way of telling me. He still has another 3 weeks of antibiotics to go.
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i've had UTI cats twice. the first one, they couldn't get any urine to sample, but we treated anyway based on symptoms.
the 2nd one had crystals, so had to have special food for a month.
the additive is a green, powdery substance... shouldn't affect the urine's 'puddling' ability, & might convince him to go. i agree, he's probably still hurting, too.
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I have heard you can try fish rocks too. They don't absorb liquid. Maybe then the box would be a little more filled up.

The one time I needed Raven to use the NoZorb he refused. So I waited and caught it in a cup (tiny snack size ziploc container) when he went in the regular box. He had quite the look on his face. I don't recommend that unless you have a pretty understanding/mellow cat.
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I would suggest asking the vet to do a cystocentesis. The results tend to be more accurate since there is less time for the urine to be exposed to the air. If that isn't an option for some reason, you might try to let him go in the regular litterbox and do a "free-catch" by putting the cup under him while he pees. Or, you can use the regular litter box but cover it completely with a plastic bag so the urine isn't absorbed. Then you can syringe the urine off the bag.

Once you are sure the UTI is gone completely, you will want to buy one or more new litterboxes. Cats often associate the box they used during the infection with the pain of the infection--a new box can often help them start using litter again instead of your clothes.
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i've also heard of using unpopped popcorn in a litterbox since they will not absorb the urine.
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