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Blue Man Group

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Has anyone here ever seen the Blue Man Group in concert? OMG, they are awesome!!! Their show is mostly percussion, but there is non-verbal type comedy involved and the special effects are unbelievable!!!! If any of you ever have the chance to see them, I highly reccommend it!!! Don't forget earplugs...

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Yup, I saw the show several years ago. It was fantastic; I'd love to see it again. Glad you enjoyed it!
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I LOVE the Blue Man Group!! They were actually on PBS the other night, me and my best friend and ALL of our kids were just intrigued! While they were playing they were teaching you about the eyes and vision and it was very interesting! I have been a fan for a long time though and its nice to see my kids watching too! It would take so long to make the instruments and the figure out how to use them but they manage somehow!!
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I saw them here in NYC years ago, it was a great show!
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I have always wanted to see them but I never been able to go see them.
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