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Throwing up once, sometimes twice a day..

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I have seemed to acquire the most problematic kitty on earth, but he is so wonderful it's easy to forget Anyway, he is finally over the conjunctivitus, but started scratching himself again and is throwing up his food almost everyday. Other then the throwing up, he behavior is normal. I've been told that he has food allergies and now I am feeding him Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice Formula. I am planning on bringing him to the vet on Tuesday, but he's throwing up so often that it's worrying me :\\ Does anyone have any helpful advice?
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read his food for




it is salmon so it has FISH

CHICKEN by products

does he eat fast??
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Yes he does eat VERY fast! I use a dish and not a bowl, and I'm thinking of raising it. Would it solve the problem if I found a food without all of those by-products??
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You're right to be concerned about frequent vomiting. Too much, and a cat can become dehydrated, which can make him very ill.

Try a bland diet of boiled or roasted white meat chicken, (NO skin) for a day or two. Cut it in bite sized pieces and moisten it with a little water (or clear chicken soup WITHOUT ONIONS). Feed him small amounts at a time, about 1/2 tablespoon or so. Wait a couple of minutes, and feed another portion. Continue that til you've fed him about 2 - 2 1/2 tablespoons of food. You can try raising the dish - that could help.

I'm assuming the Purina is a dry food. There are definitely better brands of food available, and my suggestion is to feed mostly canned (wet) food. Canned food is closer to what a cat would naturally eat and is better for them. You do want to stay away from by-products and too much grain - Sharky listed several to avoid.

Hope your little guy feels better soon
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cure NOT likely ... greatly help YES
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So, I raised his dish and started putting a smaller amount in there, and I also feed him half a can of wet food a day and he hasn't thrown up since! *crosses fingers* I am going to try a different brand of food, hopefully natural without any of those ingredients. thanks for your help!
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Great news!!! Very glad to hear your little guy is doing so much better!
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