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Computer game install help, please

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I got a new computer game yesterday (Anacapri...the dream) and it won't install. I put it in my CD drive...and it just sits there. There are noises from the drive, but the autoinstall doesn't start up, and when I go to that drive in My Computer, it shows that nothing is there. I've cleaned out everything (temporary files, internet files, etc) and got rid of 3 other games that were still on the computer but it's still not working. Why? Could it just be a bad disk?

Note: I am basically computer challenged, so if you have any suggestions please put it in plain english!
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is it a dvd game? in a dvd drive?
if its a cd try the cd in a different drive, or a different computer.
but yea, sounds like it could be DOA.
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It's a CD (I think) and I'm using it in the CD-writer drive. I only have one, and this one always ran any other game. In fact, I got Space-Quest series a few weeks ago and it worked fine. I know my husband's computer probably won't run it because his is a piece of crap! I may try it on my MIL's computer though. I already threw the receipt away. If I take it back to the store and they try it on a computer there and it doesn't work, do you think they will take it back or give me store credit? It wasn't a lot of money, only about $20.00, but still.....
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Check the system requirements, if your computer is too outdated it wont install, or if you dont have enough space for it to install. I had this issue with a game I had for windows 98, wont work on my XP now because XP wont recognize it.
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In my experience if the drive is showing as empty in "My Computer" the disc is a DVD and the drive is not. Look for the little DVD logo somewhere on the disc or case.
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