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Saturday! What are your Plans.

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Morning All!!!

Nice bright and sunny here but the temp is quite -14 with a wind chill of -24...
Hopefully it will warm up a bit this afternoon.

Nothing much on for today, have to work for a bit but mainly just to put in appearance, check faxes, return phone calls if nesseccary. After that over to Walmart and the grocery store for a few items then home.

The kitties are great this morning, they enjoy sunny mornings because my living room has an eastern exposure which mean one huge sunspot.

Everyone have a good day
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It's actually a nice day here

I"m off to my mom and dads, then the grocery store for eggs to dye

I've got the pest control co. coming today and then I have to meet with one of my work's investments

Gonna be an eventful day
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Sunny and 24F currently highs up to 36F today though.

I am light-headed/dizzy this morning. I noticed that I bit yesterday too. Haven't been drinking my usual water amount though-don't know if that has any effect however).

Neil headed up to the farm already as he and his brother want to burn some brush piles which they can only do with snow on the ground-plenty of that up there however.

Have to get to my pet sitters house and drop off her gifts (some VA made wine and coffee).

Bakker was outside briefly this morning-he wants out again.

Going to start some tomato and pepper seeds today, take a walk (all if not too dizzy)

Nothing else going on......
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Working till 12 then going home, packing the car, and heading to the boyfriend's parents house in Vermont for the night. And to West Leb NH for Easter tomorrow.
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This is a "not-so-good" Saturday for me. Yesterday at work, I wore an x-ray apron for the last 4 hours, and my back pain has ramped itself up to about a "9" on a scale of 0 to 10! I somehow got a corneal abrasion during the night, and my right eye hurts like crazy, and I'm trying to prevent the headache that I woke up with, from turning into a migraine. This is a pretty sucky first Saturday of spring!!! I think I'm going to go back to bed in a bit and see if I can just start over!

Edit: Cleo can tell I'm not feeling too good. She's been on me, or with me all night, and sitting on my lap right now.
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Spending a bit of time doing laundry, and then when Jess gets out of work, we're going out to dinner with some friends. My best friend just returned from an internship in Florida on Tuesday, so we're taking her and her sister out to dinner, along with a friend of ours and her boyfriend. To my favourite restaurant!
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At noon, I'm going to PetSmart to help the animal shelter with their adoption. Hopefully get some kitties adopted out to good homes. Its in the upper 40s here so I'll be out on the bike too.
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I had work from 7-4 today. Had to deal with a ton of idiots and one particurally bad neglect case That's about it for the my day so far

My mom is supposed to come over tonight and help me work on some stuff for my wedding next Saturday.
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Just cleaning and maybe hilighting my friends hair if she get easter done early enough at her moms and chillin with hammy and the kitties
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its kinda cold today here. went grocery shopping this am with hubby. going to spend the rest of the day working on my thesis project for school. :-(
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Today I went with Mom and my sister to get their haircut, mine's to short to cut right now. Then we went to a very good Chinese restaurant for lunch, then to a drugstore where3 I got Easter candy, then helped my sister take a lot of books to the library for a book sale they're having in a couple of weeks.
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It was beautiful today - in the 70s. We drove to my parents' house in NC (where we're at now) for Easter (and to visit the other kitties!). Decided further on our house plans (I think we've narrowed it to just one!) Watched some horror movie (that never said the name throughout the 2 hours it was on) and then The Hot Chick. Had an awesome dinner - ooh love my mom's cookin'! Tomorrow she's making my favorite meal again Wore my "I Heart Tripods" shirt since I'd be seeing Chassis

Now we're just watching Tv and surfing the net.
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Slept in for a change. That's 6 am!

This is the first Saturday both Dottie and I have had off. It was sunny but a little cool (60's), so we put on our jackets, got the hot rod out, and drove it down to Whitney, TX, where some friends are building a place. We got there, interupted their work, and went to a little hole-in-the-wall type Mexican restaurant.

We drove back home and are just vegging. Bed time soon! Supposed to be much colder tomorrow.
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i havn't done much today. my friend was supposed to come over, she let me down. she didn't even let me know what was going on, even though she said she would!

next saturday will be sooo much better! am off to Cadbury World hehe, cheap easter egg's "here i come"!
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