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my lil' snuggles.. LONG

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hi =) i'm new here but feel the need to share the story of my snuggles with someone..

OK I live in farm town PA, one way in one way out. You might call it the middle of nowhere. I think the population has more cows than people. Anyhow, I was born here, raised here, went to school here, and still live here. I'm now 23 years old.

When I was 5 or 6, mom was outside trying to build this wall thing, and along came this cat. Now my mom doesn't hate anything, but animals are not in her top 10 loves. She tried to shoo her away.. The cat had a white flea collar on, and had blood on her face because it looked like someone had chopped half of her ear off with a weedwhacker. But amazing the cat was in great spirits, and fell in love with our family. At first mom wouldn't let her in, so me and my brother would sneak her food and water. She would not leave our back porch for anything. We named her snuggles.

Soon we began teaching her stuff, like to look both ways before crossing the road, how to eat with her paw instead of sticking her face in a bowl, how to open ajar doors with her paw, how to walk on her back legs.. She was SOO friendly, so sweet.. We had a little princess crown from one of my porcelin dolls that woe would set on her head and she would overlook us as we played...

Everyone grows up tho.. We kept getting older and older, got involved with other things, but would still make time to play with her from time to time.. When something bad would happen in my life, like when my friend committed suicide or when my grandfather died, or when mom had cancer, I always felt helpless. I'd go in my backyard where I used to play when I was little, sit there and wish that things were still that carefree.. Just when I would start crying, snuggles would come over and brush up against my arm, almost to let me kno that she was there for me.. No matter what she would always be there to comfort me and help me realize that things weren't that bad..

It had been a while since I had been home... I have been staying with my fiancee, trying to plan a wedding, trying to get my graduation stuff in order, trying to go on with life.. When I came home for christmas, snuggles wasn't the same. She wasn't exactly sick or anything, but I knew something was going on with her. One night I looked at her, looked at my dad and was just like "she's going to be with jesus." And he's like "You're crazy, she's not even sick" But then the next day my mom called me and told me she died not long after i left that night.

I honestly don't think I've ever felt that sad in my life, which is horrible to say because a lot of other bad things have happened in my life. It's just like her life affected me so much more than anything else. She was the one thing I could rely on.. From the time I was 6 til when I was 22 she was there every single day..

I'm sorta crying as I write this even tho it was a couple months ago. There is a silver lining tho I guess to everything. A short time after she died, a helpless little kitten showed up at my door. Sometimes I like to think snuggles sent her to watch out for me..

OK I'm like a total dork.. lol.
anyhow, I'm new so HI everyone!
anna =)
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Anna, I'm sorry you lost your pet. I hope your kitten brings you much joy.
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Annabelle, I'm sorry about the loss of Snuggles. She sounds like she was so very special to you. Keep Snuggles alive in your heart and cherish your memories of her.
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