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Cat Chocolate

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I know cats can't have people chocolate but I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere where I can get cat chocolate as a special treat for Beauty?

Be it online or in Yorkshire.
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I know they have something along the lines of a fake chocolate for dogs, but never heard of the same for cats.

Why do you think your cats should have it?
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are you talking about carob? can cats eat it? ive often wondered about it b/c one of my cats LOVES chocolate and will eat it if she finds it - mostly reeses cups lol. so far it hasnt hurt her *crosses fingers*
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I've heard that, but personally I'd avoid any kind of chocolate - better safe then sorry.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've heard that, but personally I'd avoid any kind of chocolate - better safe then sorry.
MOST carob has LOT S AND LOTS of SUGAR... so i too would avoid
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CAts dont have a sweet tooth, so dont need things like pet chocolate - much better to give them catnip drops for a treat.
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try boiled chicken or a bit of cooked liver for a special kitty treat
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Maybe some lactose free milk, goat's, or cat milk. You could also just get her some really nice cat treats - I recently found a vet that had the CET dental treats in stock... my boys love them, even Sho who's picky about such treats.
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i think my cat DOES have a sweet tooth. she likes cake, cookies, pie, dr. pepper, peppermints... before yall start yelling at me - no i dont let her eat things like that but i do let her lick crumbs :p and yes im careful of what my kids eat. and no shes not diabetic or anything; shes just a pig
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Originally Posted by courtney_ou View Post
i think my cat DOES have a sweet tooth.
A cat I had, Scampi Marie had the nickname Sweet Tooth Marie as she also loved sweets.

I never gave her any but my lazy ex-husband would leave things out, she only ever went after the sweets
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Charlie likes sweet things, and may get a nibble of yellow cake once in awhile. He also likes fruits too
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I got my cat an Easter Egg from Pets at home ...
it says its yoghurt with cat nip through it ... she loved it (was white and looked and melted a bit like chocolate) they had them for cats, dogs and rabbits.

sorry couldnt give any more info, egg is gone ... box was binned
have saved the gold foil paper for when she has her buster collar off though (had an op last week) so she can play with that too!!!

think it was £1.99 (cant remember)
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I got those for mine last year, they all hated it, and I donated it to the rescue!!
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There are two fancy pet stores in Iowa City and they have fake chocolate dog/cat treats. If you live by a bigger city you could call around and see if they have an
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