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Bye Kitty

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This may have been a long time ago but I lost a orange kitty named Babe back in December 8th, 2007. I miss him so much, I have many videos and pictures so I don't forget his face. He was there if I needed a friend or a hug. I never grieved so much for a friend, I just have to remember all the times when we had fun together. He use to sit on my lap as I type and thinking I won't see him again or hug him is still hard to take. It's easy to think that he is just outside waiting for you to bring him in and cuddle him and love him. I hope he is in a good, happy place now.
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So sorry about your Cat. I lost Stormy Dec 5th 2007 which is close to the day yours died and Yoshi Jan 11 2008. I know how you feel.
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Thank you. I was just coming home from a Christmas Party and seeing him like that was terrible, I never reacted that violently because of a death before, I had never felt so bad for so long of a time and I still do.

His son had died close to that time and I watched it happen, and I could have prevented it too. He could have still be here if only I had acted. It was horrible.

I wish them luck with crossing the bridge as well as all the rest of the cats and animals.
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When I found Stormy almost dead I yelled for my Husband to call the Vet. I was going to take a Shower and walked in the other room and she was very bad. Stormys Kidneys were gone and I never knew she was sick. She would throw up sometimes and salivate but that was the only thing that happened. The Vet called and said they did not think she would live through the night but she did. The next day they said there was no hope and she was Pts. She was only 5. I know how you feel. I still feel cheated even though some of them died years ago.
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Thanks for the support. Problem is most of my cats don't live past 2. Calico and Sylvester are the oldest cats I had in a long time at age 2 1/2. I had two cats that lived to 5 but that's the highest age I know of. That's a problem living in the country, by a highway. It doesn't matter how short of a time I knew them, it still hurts just as much.
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I had some die young. My Cats do not go outside. Frisky was only 1.5 when he died from the Male Blockage and my Sisters Cat was 3 months when she died.
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Most of my kittens don't survive. My family tried to keep a cat indoors, it didn't work out too well, we just didn't have the time or money.
I just feel bad that I have no tribute to them, all I can do is just remember. He was such a good friend to me when I needed it most. Well, now that he's gone, I'm alone again except for Spooky III maybe. She can't replace Babe though. I hope he is enjoying himself now, for heaven's sake he deserves it.
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Thanks for the picture.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Many hugs your way

RIP Kitty
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Thank you, you all are so kind.
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